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01223 Area Code Information

(01223) XXXXXX

Cambridge (England)

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nobody there


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01223 Area Code


Missed call from Cambridger area code, have seen a lot of other complaints with same area code.


Did not answer this call but rang them back. Automated message says they are a motor vehicle claims company. Number now blocked from my phone.


spam call to my mobile about involvement in a traffic accident. Didn't catch the name of the company and she hung when I started asking questions. I have my number registered with TPS. This number has called before.


Silent call last 2 mornings same time.


This is Nutcombe Cambridge Plumbing and Heating Services (


This number has called every evening for 3 nights. I haven't answered. The most recent time they left a message on my answerphone and it was samba music, no voice. A nuisance.


Received a call from 01223976549. Answered and they hung up! who is it ?


Intensive multiple calls over a few days and no message ever left on my answer service


Customer Service for who is responsible for premium rate services: 700038474


Received a couple of calls from this line, didn't answer as didn't recognise the number.


I think that this number is a scam. They said that they were going to block my phone of any unwanted and nuisance calls. The person had an Indian accent. I asked how they knew that calls were unwanted and I stated that I had not requested any blocking of unwanted calls. I said that I wanted to check them out and asked for their phone number. They said that the number was 01223926666 and that it was in Ilford, Essex. This was not true, in fact the number was being called from Cambridge. I told them that I did not want anything to be done to my phone and that I was going to check them out.


Another foreign voice saying from 'talktalk' ????? Scam again!!!


Calling repeatedly. who calls me from 01223655975 ?


Has called me at least four times a day this week and other times but hangs up if you answer Has now tried on external call and when answered hung up I looked up my last call and it was this 01223859078 Again


I had a missed call from this number, so I called back as it did not seem suspicious + I was curious who was calling. So they answer and I say somebody called me from this number. The guy introduces himself as Deputy Environmental Officer (WTF?) and asks about my name. I said I wouldn't provide him with any of my details unless I know why they called me and who they are. He said if I can't provide my name he would not be able to help me. Be careful people. The whole situation was at least very suspicious.

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