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01226 Area Code Information

(01226) XXXXXX

Barnsley (England)

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01226 Area Code


Calls from this number are part of the ongoing Talk Talk scam and that your computer has been hacked and infected with lots of viruses and you need to have your router changed and they will send an engineer out to bring you a new router and sort out the problem, They say that you are entitled to £ 200 compensation and could they please have your bank details. very insistent. told them I didn't have them to hand, then asked for the number of my debit card so that they could credit me that way, I told them that I didn't know where it was at the moment they said they would wait for me to find it they would hang on.


When answered no one there and no message was left called twice today and same for last 3 days


01226 759444 called and told me I had been speeding at 51 miles per hour in a 50 zone. He told me I had to pay the fine (£125) immediately or it would double. When asked when and where I had been speeding, he became quite rude and told me it was an offence to speed and did I know how to drive? At no time did this person ask for my name, address or vehicle registration. He offered me no evidence of an offence and I have received no notification of any such offence. Within an hour 07441911877 and 01228 452854 rang to inform me I had an unpaid parking ticket from 2012. First time, I asked from where, he continued with his speel about did I know how to park etc and how would I like to pay? These are rip-off calls trying to get money out of you.


hung up when answered


Claimed to be from Microsoft telling me I,d been hacked, toal scammers


Received a phone call from this number, background noise suggested the call came from an office environment. Caller claimed "I think I've got the wrong number, sorry" after I said hello, but put the phone down when I asked who they were looking for.


A random person, who threatened me


HSBC Bank customer care services are always ready to provide you necessary assistance. For general queries contact the HSBC Customer Service Department at 0345 600 2290 or +44 1226 261 226 (for customers outside UK)


binary cash scam .. beware. they use many different numbers to catch you into answering. calls from many different cities too.


An Asian woman called claiming to be from HSBC bank. I do bank with HSBC but was suspicious. I deliberate gave the wrong postcode and she told me it was wrong so she couldn't continue with the call. Not sure if this is genuine or not!


Turned out to be Barnsley council


A spam marketing call. don't answer, just block future calls!


HSBC premier assistance. Your bank is probably calling you in some urgent matter.


Call arrived at 12:40 BST and was abandoned as I examined the notification. Never found out what was on offer. Nothing specific found in a Startpage search [Google viewed through an anonymising filter.]


They just kept saying "is this abdul? You sound like abdul"

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