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(01228) XXXXXX

Carlisle (England)

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Unsure who it was.


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01228 Area Code


Unknown caller now using my local STD to encourage me to answer. Cold caller asking about mis sold insurance, even knew my home address! Now blocked!


01226 759444 called and told me I had been speeding at 51 miles per hour in a 50 zone. He told me I had to pay the fine (£125) immediately or it would double. When asked when and where I had been speeding, he became quite rude and told me it was an offence to speed and did I know how to drive? At no time did this person ask for my name, address or vehicle registration. He offered me no evidence of an offence and I have received no notification of any such offence. Within an hour 07441911877 and 01228 452854 rang to inform me I had an unpaid parking ticket from 2012. First time, I asked from where, he continued with his speel about did I know how to park etc and how would I like to pay? These are rip-off calls trying to get money out of you.


Said they were some sort of energy saving company ? I have asked them to remove me from there list but up to know ,they still phone and are a right pain ,I think I will swear at them next time


It a holiday claim line which ask if I had a all inclusive holiday in the last 3 year but I have not been on a holiday in 5 years


silent call. suspect it is number spoofing as getting 2 silent calls an hour (today and yesterday) all different numbers and different geographic regions.


I try to ring back when I missed the call .it just rings .I would like to know who is calling me


Obvious call centre, asked for previous owner of this telephone number (from at least 10 years ago). When I asked which company they were, she claimed BT. When I asked why she was ringing someone who no longer had this number, no further response, and she hung up.


Got a call from this number claiming id been in a coma for 3 months had limbs amutatated and would I like to make a claim. Still tried to convince me even when I said I hadn't been in a coma and had all my limbs.


Called it back and it plays music at you.


They call then hangup giving missed call dont plan on calling back


I don't know who this is as they don't say anything when I answer and when I rang the number back I was placed in a queue so I would class this as harassing


Don't know anyone in Carlisle. Rang twice then hung up. Not long enough to pick mobile up


Random caller, solar panel or something like that


Number rings once every week, female indian accent, asks the same question every week "Save File?" this doesn't even make sense. Blocked after five weeks. What confuses me is that this is a british number.


Keeps calling us twice or three times everyday.

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