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(0122 97) XXXXX

Millom (England)

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Text claiming to be Lloyds Bank advising of account being hacked. This is the ring back number. I do not Bank with Lloyds. It is a scam. Do not respond!


Terressa Walker fron Claims Advisory Group saying I was due £3600 on bank charges Was to go to post office and pay £360 by moneygram and a solicitor named Graham Robinson would call at the house that afternoon with the cheque. Thought it a bit dodgy and said no thanks and hung up.


I have just experience this dangerous cyber threat. From met police, claiming a fine of £200 paid through iTunes. I tried so many different anti virus apps, switch off device.... etc Thank goodness for decent people, thank you. Yes please go to settings safari and delete history and data. IT WORKED.


Talk Talk scammer trying to get access to PC.


This is most likely some form of scam, possibly relating to Forex or Binary Options - all companies offering this are part of a large well organised scam network. Suggest you ignore and block.


Someone called carol texted asking for someone named Claire I told her she must have the wrong number then called me a psycho and became very rude


Personally BLOCK them - Asian speaking, had about 8 calls so far, very poor line, claiming it was BT Broadband and needed to be near my pc, my radar was working over time when they dropped themselves in it by saying i was using broadband width and they were wanting to change my internet. funny thing is i have totally unlimited broadband and bt has been told to stop calling me. postal only Funny thing i can not get to the bottom is how they had a unlisted number. i think bt maybe to blame. just for the fun i did have them on phone going through what they wanted but my pc was no where insight. it seemed to work as they hung up, so at least the call has cost them for the pleasure and i had a bit of fun instead of stress. if you can not beat them have some fun back..


They are using a fake caller ID, clearly a scam.


Text. Scam.


Tuesday 17/01/17- text saying I had won Euro Mega Draw. Pretty good seeing as I never had a ticket!!!!!!!!


20 mins to this number has cost me £15


Scammers claiming you cost them money for having international sim and divert on do not listen but said it's a scam


Beware if you are outside the EU and your answer message is on, on your mobile you will be charged as though you have answered the call.


Keep calling but refuse to give their name and a number to ring back on. Claim they are ringing about a credit agreement.


This is a SCAM number they claim to be an car accident company, they also claim to be from 02 saying something about a SIM card you ordered , they also say they want to do a survey but at the end of the survey it could cost you money so watch out for these SCAM calls by the way this is a Manchester number.

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