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012298 Area Code Information

(0122 98) XXXXX

Barrow-in-Furness (England)

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Some weird guy saying he will kill me


this person hacked my email address put this number as a security back up! and had the nerve to whats app me after. phoned the number its always off but whats app is always active! will not reply to me what so ever


Claim to be National.Insurance.Bureau but they have no details of the accident they are calling about. On closer inspection calls derive from India. Scam.


Peadophile livimg in lilly crof area of bradford 9 called kesser


A window appearead saying my personal and financial info is being stolen and that I should immediately call this number. I did (what an idiot). They were running some sort of checks on my laptop and then said I have to pay 180£ smth + 90£ smth and something else in order to get it fixed. That moment I understood it's all a trick to earn money. Immediately said bye-bye and disconnected my laptop from them. What an idiot I am huh (was too scared for my laptop lol)


Waste of time scam caller.


got a call today.when picked up the phone they left message.said is anyone on benefits or tax number 01616608720.


Man saying he's from Credit Investigation Agency. Knew me by name. Became abusive and hung up. Reported to Greater Manchester Police and Action Fraudline who have confirmed it's a routed call (A fraudster is using someone else's number without them knowing). Also called o2 and age them the heads up. Do NOT answer as they could get routed access to your number.


Wigan code. No message left, and as I have no contacts there, presume pest !!


Man with foreign accent - I could not understand what he was saying. As soon as I mentioned TPS and that he was breaking the law he rang off.


Constantly pestering me daily & all night, obviously not important or they would text. They need to stop


Keeps calling my American number but never leaves a message. Number shows up on caller ID as 1-615-952-143 which is a Tennessee number but not the full 7 numbers. MANY complaints at about 161 area code and all are scams.


Scottish man yelling I'm using his wifi, very aggressive ... hung up and blocked


Called by a user who said they where calling from TalkTalk technical department and they needed to look at my router as it was apparently sending error messages across the internet, I was surprised, (not), that this was happening and asked what I should do, I was told to sit in front of a computer and this female from TalkTalk would guide me through the screens on what to look for. I definitely was not born yesterday, these people do not speak to each other as I had a similar call like this two days ago, well I sent them packing, and you should do too, they will try and sweet talk you out of your hard earned cash or put malware on your computer to steal your identity, please don't be fooled! TalkTalk do not phone UK numbers from America.


01603 298208 - this number comes up on a threatening message claiming to be from Google Chrome after I mis-hit a link on a genuine news story. I took the risk and called it as I know the STD is Norwich and format is correct for UK- the other end is an automatic server which transfers to a (probably overseas) unit with a recorded message in Asian/African accent "all operators busy" Now I'm expecting yet more nuisance calls from un-identifiable numbers. NOT worth the RISK

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