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(01245) XXXXXX

Chelmsford (England)

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01245 Area Code


Ford Dealer Chelmsford


Had a call from this number to my mobile today.... foreign lady....very strong accent CARPHONE WAREHOUSE.... apparently my contract has rubbish... Told her not to phone again and to take me off of any list they have. I know they won't as they have called me before and just change their phone number!


received a call and didn't catch the name. Know the voice but couldn't remember the name as just an acquaintenance


Cold caller told me I have had an accident. Told them I had not and the caller was very rude. I told them I was on the BT phone preference scheme and they sould not be calling. The chap just laughed and called me something very rude then hung up.


It's Zenith Windows. They had been trying to get feedback from me regarding a quotation I received from one of their salesmen. They were very polite and I hope I will hear nothing more from them.


another nice new fake number for a new week


George from 'Sun'. talked about an request for solar panels that I did not make.


Asian man called Richard knew my address and was asking my age was house mine or rented but didnt say why. I hung up constantly ringing back


I received a phone call from 01245654125,supposidly from Microsoft to tell me that my windows pc was downloading malicious spyware and virus's...... When I asked him what version of windows I was running he was unable to tell me.... after a few minutes he realised I was not falling for the scam and said F*&^("g A"£%^*e and hung up. The phone call lasted 8 minutes. Now I am a bit computer savvy and did not fall for the scam, but I wanted others to be aware. ps. I ran10 minutes later I received another phone call from the same number, but this time the caller was prepared and said I was running windows 7.... I said I wasnt and he said that I had probably upgraded my pc. I said I was running the same windows version that was on my pc when I bought it.


Spam call, I now have my outgoing answer machine message saying "we don't accept or answer any unsolicited marketing telephone calls, if this is a personal call, please speak after the tone & if someone is in we will answer the call"


This is a scam! Peter supposedly from Talktalk Technical Dept rang advising there was a problem with my computer connection. He wants you to log onto your computer and follow his instructions to 'help' clear the matter. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! It's a way for them to access your computer and see all your personal log on details for ALL your computerised accounts, etc, including passwords. I have had similar in the past but the calls are usually from the USA. I have reported them to TalkTalk. The caller says he from TalkTalk but hangs up if you insist on him verifying your TAlkTAlk account number, etc.


I believe this number is Scottish Power. I've blocked this number but they are still trying to contact me


pretending to be talk talk technical dept


No one answers, silent call, goes to voicemail when you ring back.


telling me i had a accident and got a cheque for me

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