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01257 Area Code Information

(01257) XXXXXX

Coppull (England)

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01257 Area Code


probably a talktalk scammer, phone blocked this number


phone call .man said bt technical department you have problem with you router.scam


Another new number used by the phoney "talk talk techinical dept" to tell me i have a hacked router and they wish to helpme. Usual indain accent and usual story. I left them waffle for about 3 minutes before i got bored and hung up as they are working to a script that they dont ask for personal details straight away. Another one to add to the phishing list


pretending to be from talktalk and want you to go on your laptop with them when you call their bluff they tell you to go to hell!!!!!!!


Said calling from TalkTalk and had identified issues with my connection


Someone called claiming to be from BT said I qualified for 3 months discount asked for my bank details got upset when I wouldn't confirm my bank I said if you are from BT tell me what bank you have and I will confirm if correct she was not happy with this and put phone down. Her English was quite poor and I asked a couple of times for her to repeat herself.


SPAM. UK Preference. Don't answer.


Trying to find out who called me from 01257514030


Number keeps ringing and hanging up when I answer


Do't know anyone living in Copull


Had a call just now, to say my computer was being hacked and they could sort it for me. Asian lady, asked me to switch on my computer, when I said it was, she passed me to a "technical supervisor" to sort it for me. When he came on the line, I asked him to hold on as I was on my other phone, to speak to the police about the hacking. He said there was no need, I said this is a criminal offence, again he said NO, don't call them, hang up. I told him I really needed to speak to them and was waiting for a reply, he said again I must hang up, as he could sort it, I said I didn't think that was enough and then he hung up


Another Indian caller pretending to be from TalkTalk but in fact a fraudster trying to take control of your computer.


Said they were from TalkTalk webmail


Silent phone call had a crop of 5 this morning all different numbers, or out of areas.


Computer Control Scam - posing as a Discount Card opportunity? New domain, India based, but appear as local number (01257 is Coppull Lancashire in this case), claimed to call on behalf of Amazon, but claim their company (see but don't download anything!) is a world-wide organisation with many other 'partners' from BT/Sky to Visa/Mastercard and talking of 10 to 20% discounts with their system/card. Note contact info on web shows no UK base and callers could not name one, nor explain why not given and why site is not 3rd party verified - yet they expect you to download a file to your computer for a code to register!

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