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01262 Area Code Information

(01262) XXXXXX

Bridlington (England)

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01262 Area Code


Someone trying to tell me my boiler had to be replaced by government order! Blocked


Cant say as i had this as a missed call


This number rang me 3 times earlier this morning, I answered and each time they hang up without identifying themselves


Called about advice on investments. Told them that I was part of the TPS and that they should not be calling. The agent stated that as they were not trying to sell anything, just do a financial review, the TPS rules did not apply. I advised that it was an unsolicited call. The agent said it did not matter as they had been supplied my number on a database of opted in people. I advised that this was not the case and asked who their source was to prove that I had opted in, and asked him to remove me from the list. Then he got smart and said that I would have to provide evidence that I had not opted in.


Asked for my wife by name and told her that her computer had a virus. She told them that she did not have a computer and they rang off. Used call barring


Missed call, no voicemail. Don't know anyone in Bridlington....


Annoying auto message


Didn't answer the call.


claims company.............


Someone claiming to be from TalkTalk (again!), who had my name, called advising me that my internet connection is about to be cut off. I thanked him and said that was not a problem - he hung up. However, when I did a return call, the voicemail box was full..... busy people these TalkTalk scammers.


Claim to be from talk talk, they're not


Indian Male caller named "Alex ". He said he was in "England". He claimed to be calling from"Talktalk" He provided me with my correct name and address, he also had my Talktalk account number (I assume it was correct but I didn't check as my Talktalk account was closed over a year ago. He said hackers had hacked my account on Wednesday and they couldn't secure it on their side. He asked what devices I use so they could secure it. Marked as dangerous as he has some of my details, obviously not calling from Talktalk as he didn't ask the standard security questions and he admitted not having my date of birth. He was gathering information for his own purposes.


Didn't answer but persistent.


Picked up and phone went dead. Assume computer dialing for business.. Blocked


I've had a few of these calls lately with that area code. There's the sound of a call center, a mans voice briefly and then they hang up. Who on earth allowed these dodgy companies to buy numbers using whatever area code they're targeting? It's designed to make you think the caller is local and likely use the "Trust" gained by that deception to entrap you in some idiot scheme/contract/purchase or whatever. The way things are going nobody is going to be able to do business on the phone anymore because people are getting more and more distrustful - and with good reason.

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