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01268 Area Code Information

(01268) XXXXXX

Basildon (England)

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01268 Area Code


Had a missed call off this number. When I tried to ring back I just got the old dial-up connector sound.


This is a genuine phone number for "Santander International Banking Card Security Dept" I received a message asking me to call them which I did after confirming directly with the Bank that the number was genuine.


Have no Idea who called... is calling me about 6 times a day.... is on my reject list of my phone... very annoying..


i will say they were polite but it was still unsolicited call re energy efficiency from a local company to my area. i said i did not wish to discuss my house with them thanks.


More cold-calling phone spamming idiots. Couldn't be bothered to listen beyond the usual, predictable cold calling sales patter nonsense so told them where to go. They are now blocked. I suggest you do the same before they cold call you.


These people call my work number constantly, both on weekends and weekdays. They never leave a message but if I do answer they ask for my old boss who hasn't worked at my company for over 5 years. They apologise and say they'll remove his details from their list, but then they call back again several times a day asking for him again. So annoying!!!


called at 8.10am saying from technical department from windows about my computer,when I replied I didn't have a computer.he rudely told me to get one


This number called me and hung up. When I called back an automated message from BT Guardian came on saying calls were being monitored and asked me for my name. If anyone knows who's number this is please leave a comment. Thanks


This number is Aqua credit card security team, rang the main aqua number and they confirmed this number is theirs


someone claiming I have had a accident which i have not


Man with an Asian accent, asked to speak to the business owner (I don't have a business). I kept him talking for ages whilst he tried to 'not sell me anything' whilst telling me he could save me money by changing telephone provider, and that nothing would change on my bill. Blocked.


Received text that claims that Whatsapp is expiring and asks for $0.99 payment with a weblink


Global Trading (Vaux Spares). Salvage, Car Parts & Accessories in Rayleigh, Essex.


Rings at least once a week, never leaves a message, have not rung back but if genuine would expect a message to get me to ring back!


rang couple of times in the last 3 days, no message left and hang up when I answer. blocked now!

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