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01280 Area Code Information

(01280) XXXXXX

Buckingham (England)

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01280 Area Code


Asked my name when I replied it was correct rang up without saying anything


United utilities wanting to change your meter


The caller(mike Stevens) claimed to be from a company (uk business loans) asking me about a business loan application I've applied for.but I'm reluctant to give any details concerning my bank.need to known if this was a genuine call


Had dozens of missed calls all early hrs of morning my phone is always on silent then so couldn't of answered it anyway. As it's always 2-3AM when called I take it they are just harassment calls and calls I do receive that I am not familiar with get ignored. Who in their right mind would constantly call at that hour. Hope this is of some help


Ringing back gives the continuous tone.


"I am calling about your recent accident." ...


line disconnected as soon as I answered . . . possibly then an automatic dialler . . . I won't answer it again.


You claim for me. recived call from this company. I called back, message states that deal with misselling of financial agreements.


Called to ask me about the accident I had. I haven't had an accident!! Pleasant enough young man, who said he would remove my details from their account.


Northern woman. Had details of name and address. Seemed to be a PPI call but started asking for details of loans and credit cards. Hung up when challenged.


Somebody telling me that I had applied for some loans such as a mortgage or car loan when I explained we were in our 70s & we had just sold our house he rang off because it was a local number I answered it they seem to catch you out please be aware !!!!!!


As this was a local number I picked up. The man's voice on the other end was from the North of England and he told me he had a big dick! (in his opinion obviously) I called back blocking my number to have a recorded US message saying all the operatives were busy. Blocked!


Called about my life insurance policy...i don't have life insurance. I hung up on them before they could say anything further and blocked their number


Rings twice then stops. When u call back just rings once and then stops


I am sick and tired of this company keep on calling me about sky tv. I have not got sky and do not pay £9 a month as they keep telling me. As soon as I tell them that I do not have Sky they immediately hang up without me having to tell them not to call me and to take me off their database!

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