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(01298) XXXXXX

Buxton (England)

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01298 Area Code


This number called me today but didn't leave a message. I believe that anyone with a legitimate call will leave a message to identify themselves. I treat all calls that dont fall into this category as suspicious.


Cold calling - you have had an accident etc. THis guy was quite threatening. Said just round the corner from us and said "will be seeing you soon" !!! What's that all about. They should ban cold calling altogether.


Scammers pretending to be accident/insurance company. They even had my name and when I realized they were in fact scammers they got rude and hung up


Company called by the name of Kinex using a local number saying they were asked by us to contact them re our telephone service. I told them no one from our house had asked them to ring and that they were lying. Caller hung up. They called the day before when we were out too.


This number has been calling for a couple of weeks and won't leave a voicemail.


the 'whocalledme' app shows the number has been searched by 200 users. no voice on pickup just silence. probably hovering up active numbers.


Natural Stone Surfaces


I've been chatting to these two chaps, calling themselves Rob Willis (Auto Legal Services) and another chap Daniel (CA Services) for some time now, up to 10 times a day. They use the same phone ID scrambler and share the same numbers although its a different number every time from each 'company'. Note that neither company actually exists, they refuse to give an address or phone number to call them back on, which should tell you enough about them. Every time they call we have a right old natter about the weather, human rights, politics. Daniel is a better talker than Rob, he definitely has more time on his hands so I guess he's the boss. My best time is 7:22. Can you beat my score?


Incredibly pushy and rude and would not get of the line.. They claimed to be calling on behalf of Aviva life insurance, telling me mine had expired. I told him Ido not have Aviva life insurance. He then said,''Oh, so you are telling me you have no life insurance then.'' Me ''I'm telling you it is none of your business.'' Him ''It is my business ,Aviva have asked me to call you.'' At which point he became aggressive. I had to ask him to remove my phone number three times in one call but he just kept pushing, and , arguing. In the end I had to be firm and tell them not to call my number again. I ended the call.


Lots of different cold callers. Different companies


I didn't answer and called back, and heard a voicemail saying that I'd been called by the and that they would be calling me back. They won't, as I blocked the number!


Had a call from this number , they didn't answer so I put the phone down and blocked the number.bloody pests.


Apparently I had a car accident 2 and a half years ago?! I think it may be a scam?


Unknown caller. Didn't answer.


Hung up when my answerphone kicked in.

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