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01353 Area Code Information

(01353) XXXXXX

Ely (England)

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01353 Area Code


Cold calling insurance scam.


Unsolicited caller, didn't leave a message on answering machine. From what I deduce from this page, had I called back to find out who they were - it would have cost me 9 pence per minute - dare I assume - I would have been kept waiting, listened to music I didn't want to hear, or kept on hold for however long they thought was to their financial advantage. Call again at their peril, I have a whistle. you have been warned!


Recorded message to those on benefits about my oil or lpg boiler.


Random company calling asking for different people each time. It's definitely a call centre but they denied this when I asked.They were very rude when I refused to give any of my details to them. Have blocked the number now as they continually called every day.


there was no answer when i picked up the phone i waited a few seconds and a recorded message said if this is you press 1 if it isnt you press 2 . scam springs to mind , so i hung up


someone called to ask for a few minutes of my time..knew my name but not very coherent or polite so I said no thanks. Then hung up!


RK Legal ambulance chasers


Pause Hello hung up recording you have been kicked from this conference..................................


I don't know who it was as I've missed the call twice now but when you try to call back it doesn't allow you too. Classic scammers, avoid at all costs.


Calls my number weekly and each time I respond by saying that there is no one of that name living at this address. There is, but I'm not telling them that. They put the phone down immediately, before I even finish the sentence. But, there they are again the following week. 1471 put you thro to a garish voice telling you that one of the agents will respond as soon as they are free. No company name, no give always. Just a nucience!


Keep getting this call and then they hang up


Cold call, was dead on other line but was receiving cold calls regarding a non existent car crash prior. By looks of other reports, they have the entire 01353 3374** block of numbers assigned to their PBX. All will be colds calls so beware.


Extremely rude - just hang up. Had my name and number and email.


Same American robotic voice as another number from Warwick


I wish this would stop.

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