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Crediton (England)

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01363 Area Code


car accident in last 2 years again


Don't know hung up when I answered my mobile so blocked them


Didnt recognise the number 2nd caall


line went dead when i answered so i called back and an automated voice sai L1 or something like that.


Call from 'ICS - Intelligent Claims Solutions' claiming to have a payment for me for a 'minor incident' that I or a member of my household had been involved with in the last 18 months. I knew immediately it was a scam and just told the truth - that I had made no claims and I was the only driver at this address - and the guy gave up and said he'd 'take me off the system'. We shall see if he does!


Caller rings off before I have a chance to answer.


Saying they know I've been on holiday within the last 2 years and had anyone in the party been ill! When I said know then asked if I'd had a flight delayed in the last 6 years!!!!


This was an alternative number dialled after I hung up on 01406 820658 You've had an accident and can claim for minor discomfort ... which is in a "pot" waiting to be claimed


I've been chatting to these two chaps, calling themselves Rob Willis (Auto Legal Services) and another chap Daniel (CA Services) for some time now, up to 10 times a day. They use the same phone ID scrambler and share the same numbers although its a different number every time from each 'company'. Note that neither company actually exists, they refuse to give an address or phone number to call them back on, which should tell you enough about them. Every time they call we have a right old natter about the weather, human rights, politics. Daniel is a better talker than Rob, he definitely has more time on his hands so I guess he's the boss. My best time is 7:22. Can you beat my score?


Calls and hangs up...ambulance chasers.


Had someone call me from this number claiming to be from BT. They wanted to help with virus on my computer


Answer it, phone goes dead.


Claiming to be from BT Broadband saying they have received errors over the last couple of weeks regarding my internet, that hackes are downloading material on to my computers without my knowledge. All our computers are firewalled and they said exactly, saying that this activity was going on behind my firewalls. They wanted me to block a particular site. I asked for a BT official email to be sent to me. If they have my telephone number they will have my email. I am not with BT Broadband I am with another provider, but I used to be with BT and they have my details. I ended the call which was definitely from abroad with a foreign caller whos english wasn't particularly good.


A man called Jordan, 3 times in the last 3 days from 'Accident Claim Experts'. Rude, lying, manipulative, harassing, accusatory and forceful.


01353374366., 01363512764 Phoned over and over all day ,eventually got annoyed and answered, no reply (quiet) balance on mobile goes down !!!!!!!!. one Crediton other Ely.

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