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Sevenoaks (England)

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I am getting numerous scam calls from area code 01732 the phone numbers are all different but typically in the 838... or 832...series e.g. 01732838348. I usually don't answer but on the odd occasion when I do it's from "tallktalk". Is there anything the individual can do to stop this. I am tempted to answer and keep them on the line as long as possible without cooperating and so waste their time. Any other ideas?


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01732 Area Code


01732654687 A similar number has called several times before and has been blocked - this one will also be blocked


suspect this is a scam from talk talk who kept calling at wkd


The Indian scam industry with Indian named John with a heavy accent and broken English, stating he is from TalkTalk and they have noticed illegal activity on my computer. I am not with TalkTalk and told him to f*** o**. The number is spoofed.


Lady with foreign accent said she was from TalkTalk technical department. As Talktalk have assured me that they will not call me but I need to call them if there is a problem, I hung up.


Man with Indian accent said he was from Talk Talk and was checking a problem he said was making the computer slow. He asked how many lights were on the router and if it was made in China. My daughter spoke to him and asked him several questions which he refused to answer and he hung up. He rang back two minutes later and again my daughter questioned him but again he hung up. Do not cooperate with this guy as it is a scam.


Girl with strong Indian accent said they were Talktalk calling about my internet connection. Told her I didn't believe her. (especially as a number of similar calls received recently show up as "unavailable" on my phone screen).


Horsepower Motors - legit business. Perfectly safe to answer.


Rang 3 times today without leaving message. Have blocked this number.


Said they were from TalkTalk and had noticed unusual activity and that meant someone was trying to access my internet. I said oh just like you are hoping to now and that I might be old but I wasn't stupid, He hung up!


Yet another parasitic little asian guy says he's from Talk Talk


Man with an Indian accent phoned from a call centre to inform me that Talk Talk were going to cut off my broad band within 15 days, at which point I requested he go away


A lady claiming to be from TalkTalk wanted me to turn our computer on to "fix" it.


09/02/17 at 11.40 - Woman called asking for Mr B..... This is not my surname - so I said "Not in" - asked what call was about - was told it was confidential, would not reveal what company was calling. Asked if I could get Mr B.... to call back? No, we will contact him later...


Someone purporting to be from TalkTalk said they had detected a problem with our computer and wanted to talk us through fixing it. Caller sounded as though they were from the Indian subcontinent. We called TalkTalk to verify the caller but they said it was a scam.


i dont know anyone from this area so i take it its a seller

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