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01792 Area Code Information

(01792) XXXXXX

Swansea (Wales)

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01792 Area Code


Calling to see if I was still!,, using. My phone blocker. No info from me. It is a Swansea area, any info please add


Rang my mobile didn't recognise so not answered and no message left on voicemail so obviously call centre Scammers again


and so the unsolicited phone calls resume after a couple of weeks respite.. This number is calling but caller disconnects when call answered.. Number originates in Wales.


answer the calls from this number but there is never anyone on the line.


Some company called 'speed' at least that's what I think he said went on to say I've been allocated £3000 and wondered why I haven't claimed it I replied 'too good to be true mate' and hung up


Wanted to know if we use oil, odd as we live 100 miles away and would not be economical to deliver. Is it a scam?


This number started phoning 2 days ago and has phoned my landline about 6 times and my mobile 5 times. When I answer the line is dead. I did phone it back on the first occasion and a recorded msg. said something about an accident that I had. I have had no accident in the last 2-3 yrs. Whilst I can see the number on my mobile and so not answer, I have no caller id on my house phone, so have to answer in case it's a genuine call. It's very annoying!!


This number was included within spam text message asking for money to cover Unite Union benefits. Don't reply to it


pension provider called several times a day wont give up


Didn't answer as I have call blocking phone and answerphone. No message left. Probably a call centre or scammer. Tried phoning this number back, putting 141 ahead of it so they didn't get my number, but the number is dead and doesn't receive calls. Dodgy. Avoid.


its john francis estate agency


The phone rang only twice and cut off before we could answer. We don't know anyone in Swansea, only the DVLA, but don't know why they'd be calling us, and just wondered whether it was one of these scam calls.


this number called, but I didn't answer, I checked on here but no comments, when I rang back the recorded message says 'number not in service' so I've blocked it. It's a Swansea number apparently.


the caller advise they are from the local council about services but then want to know dates of birht of everyone in the house!!


who called me from 01792735994

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