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Mobile phone numbers

07427 numbers are for mobile phones in the United Kingdom.

All UK 07 numbers are for mobiles, pagers and personal numbering.

Which network uses 07427 numbers?

07427 numbers are officially allocated to Three for mobile phone services.

All 07427 numbers will have originally been issued to customers by Three. However, customers are free to take their number with them when they change networks which means that an 07427 number is not a reliable indicator of which network a phone is currently connected to.

Call Costs

Calls to mobiles are charged between 6p and 32p per minute from landlines and are typically not included in free call packages. Call costs from mobiles vary according to the calling plan chosen. Typically they cost between 3p and 40p per minute. Calls between mobile phones are normally included in free call packages.


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Obvious scam, asian sounding lady saying I'm due a £200 refund from Sky for 12 months of over charging. She then asked for DOB & expiry date of my credit card. Told her I'm not giving bank or card details over an unsolicited call & told them to refund the money direct to the account that I use to pay my Sky ddm. Then I hung up. They still keep calling, I just don't answer. Do not give these scammers any info, better still just hang up on them.


Lotto scammers


Windows tech scammers, asking to run software to give them access to your computer


Who ever this was had my name and number and when I asked who they were they hung up. I had another call this morning from a different mobile number and the same thing happened then


All the 'greens' below obviously posted by the SCAMMERS themselves. Who do the idiots think they're fooling. Get a life FFS.


Claims to be HMRC, and they are taking you to court. An obvious scam. Leave automated messages on phone, but the number recorded is a London one. If you call it back - they pretend to be HMRC. Reported to authorities.


An Asian sounding lady alledgidly from BT wanted me to connect to temserver. I said that I had four computers connected to my internet and asked her for the network card address - she said she could fix all four from one connection. Why do they employ people who talk rubbish!


Michael James called claiming to be Microsoft in Reading and that my computer is being accessed by someone. Asked how they know that and he said because this number is registered to my Microsoft account (which it isn't). I said it sounded like a scam and asked for his number to call back. He willingly gave me his name and a DIFFERENT phone number to the one that called me - gave me 0131 618 8661 yet caller ID on my phone was: 01782 922 2666. He also gave me a Microsoft 'ID' number (MA604) to identify him. Sad thing is I just called the real Microsoft in reading to give them the details and they're not interested in it. Personally I's want to know if someone was claiming to be my company, but clearly Microsoft don't care about customer service or perception.


some indian female saying I had an accident ......told her I had amnesia she put the phone down on me


Caller claimed to be from BT Technical Department and said there was a problem with my broadband. Told to get lost. Number added to BT Call Protect Blacklist.


fucking idiots keep calling me, blocked number now !


This number is a scam claiming to be BT and offering a discount


Personal injury -guy on the phone with Indian accent....calls every day despite phone being registered with TPS...Have been asked on many occasions to stop calling but they do not stop ever...Keep reporting them to TPS and hopefully they will get a big fine.


"Microsoft" - But an Indian SCAM call centre. Everything they say is a complete LIE - I don't have windows and I work in IT Security - interesting to hear the absolute dribble that he was saying. I wasted their time but I am warning anyone else not to listen and or remotely connect to them.


rip off wankers

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