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Called claiming to be UK Accident? Had an Asian accent. Said this number was a company number and asked could they delete this number from their records. They promptly hung up.


Got a text saying I had fraud, looked authentic but it is fraud - if in doubt go to your brancg


Someone claiming to be from Microsoft calling in Cambridge, saying that there were viruses on a computer.


I am suspecting that it's a scam


Called asked to speak to me by name. Told me my address. The phone they called on is my work phone not registered in my name or at my home address. Said they were from mumble mumble company and the UK government. Then said they had done some research and found I had some debts I was paying off. I told them I had no debt and they hung up. Phishing exercise, bits.


Called me tonight claiming to be the insurance ombundsman asking about accident i had the other day. Claimed i could have comennsation when i questioned it the hung up. HOW CAN THESE BAST$%#S BE STOPPED


Rang at 20:00, rang back multiple times no answer/user busy.


When I told him to stop ringing me he said he won't and has been ringin me at least 4 times a week.


I've been called at least 30 times by this number but haven't answered. When I tried to ring number back a message says "This number is not in use". I call Three and they told me they have not tried to contact me. Glad I read this now I know it's a scam.


Asked me by name asked about accident said it was a survey about companies responce


Someone on a dating site, that scams people when u text them.


Teenager rang me up at 2am 60 times and swore at me


Lady called Susan Grey, Greenwood legal services wanting money to release a payment from Spanish court settlement, very persistent would not give any back up letter or e-mail


000000000000 started calling after I block 0008446861652. So think it's related. Very suspicious.


Didn't picked up. After seeing this comments I blocked the number them started having calls for other number even more suspicious; 000000000000 it's this.

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