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Calls minors


Possible Scam, phisiing saying that my computer was generatig lots of errors. Asked if they wanted me to click to a website or let them connect remotely, which they did not answer. They said they work for a division of microsoft security. After telling them I look after servers including windows bases systems and that my computer was perfectly fine, they hung up.


Received a call today from this number. A foreign sounding person saying they were from BT and that my internet wasn't secure - asked me to log on to my computer so that they could fix it. I said I would ring BT directly myself so that I knew I had a secure line and they hung up.


Text reads "Hi its sarah. Could you do me a favour? i had a small accident and broke my fibula. Im stuck at the hospital. Can you text me back once you get this message x"


This number called on 19/01/2017. Indian sounding women (and man) claiming to be from BT and offering a 35% (or 3 month?) discount for being a "loyal customer". They already appeared to have address information - but were unable to pronounce place names correctly. Said they needed MY details in order to confirm MY identity! They basically wanted bank information (debit card numbers) and tried to make educated guesses! The Indian man started getting "annoyed" when I refused to comply. I hung up.


Rang asking about Computer - non-UK accent.................put phone down immediately.!!!!!!!


I have been receiving constant calls from this number for weeks on my home phone and mobile. After receiving 3 calls one after the other I called Halifax directly to be told it is definitely not anything to do with them. Will be blocking the number and reporting.


Same old scam - allegedly from an organization called 'M.I.B'! It seems I reported a car accident in the last 2 years. Nonsense! As usual, t Asian accent (a Lady, I think?). Irksome! Birch the lot of them, I say! Hmm.....


Say they have £3000 for us they will send an agent around have to give him £250 I tunes voucher




Tech scammers. They call daily


Somebody just rang me from this number about my computer. It was obviously a scam, he hung up when I said that my computer was ok.


I have just contacted Hermes, their call number for informing customers when they are about to delivery their parcel is, "03303336556 " and it is NOT "03333440000". Go to their website if in doubt.


Same as everyone else .....fake loot winning message. SCAM!!!


Lloyds said that would call back never did please report it

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