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£10 for a 23 minute phone call to my local tax office???? Robbing sods. Don't they think they take enough money from us in our wages? Never again. Absolute joke. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


international call from Africa called on 23/2/17 at 14.44


i got 2 calls on 28/8/16 but didnt answer


What if they are tracking you phones ;)


A scam claiming to be sky telling me my viewing card was about to expire. They told me my details until they asked me my date of birth so I refused to give it . They then hung up saying a new card would be posted to me. Sky confirmed that this call was NOT from them and that they never contact customers in this way by phone. Also Sky said viewing cards do NOT just expire and beware of passing over personal information the caller does not already know.


DO NOT ANSWER! They are a pain and they never stop calling- driving me bloody crazy.


URGENT:DVLA Swansea have been trying to contact you, Click below for more information. Received today asking for my bank details. It's scam


Very suspicious, have blocked number. About time TalkTalk made their data base safe so that we are all screened from this type of call.


Someone with a strong London accent told me they were from yellow cabs (or something like that) and I hadn't paid for my last cab ride. I didn't say anything and hung up straight away as it was obvious that they were going to try and get my bank details. They also rang me at 23:35; not exactly sociable hours!


Woman with foreign accent called claiming to be from Windows Service Centre so I hung up.


violent threats made from this number


Same number ending 890 yesterday with exact same amount. Forwarded to spam 7726 and also hmrc! Hope they get caught scumbags!!


Phill Bennett from 3 whitbourne close smithies Barnsley ,calls from this number ,he is abusive and vile verbal diarrhoea ,rude remarks with threats that he will report all sorts .terrifying evil man.




Scam telling me I owe them money from 2012 and if i dont pay they are going to send the bailiffs in!

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