PHONE NUMBER: 001268776614

Type: International call from Antigua and Barbuda
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Just had a call - we could hear the call centre, but didn't get any reply when we said "Hello...". We've had this several times now. Why can't the telephone companies just filter these calls out, (with authorisation from Ofcom), as they come into the UK? The technology is available to do it, nowadays.


I had a call from this number at 7.50am this morning. I didn't get to the phone in time but 001 country code suggests it originated from Canada


Scam call, said he was calling from "The Computer Company" (they're not even trying these days are they??). Got abusive when I would not cooperate and I hung up.


I got a call from this number, typed it into Google to see who had called and saw everyone else's helpful reports on this site... as I have a phone that blocks unwanted calls, I now have added this as a permanent block and they'll never get through to me again.


Called early morning to say my computer was being hacked-when questioned said they were ringing early as it was important


This number has called me up to four times a day for at least four days in a row now. This is more than irritating. Calls can be early morning. Can be frightening when you are alone.


Called and when answered was just a long silence then they hung up, this has happened many times now and I am getting totally pissed off with these morons in India.


When I asked them what company they were calling from they said Microsoft Windows. I even told them I had a Mac but they still continued - they were very good at making up responses for my question. I asked for a reference first and they quoted "www634312186" - I even asked for the UK contact number for Windows and they gave me 0808 2342319. I strung them along until I got bored and then told them it was clearly a scam - they said no it wasn't but as soon as I said I was going to call the police and report the number on my handset they hung up.


This number just called me - silence at first as mentioned elsewhere - Indian voice and very difficult to understand (with guidance in the background too). They told me that I had a virus and that I needed to connect to the internet and wanted me to run a program from the run command on my machine. - continued


called me at 10.50 and hung up when i answered


3 times in a row telling me about my computer. First call 758am


Called me at 7.30 this morning, as i have told nobody my number as i only have a phone for the internet i always answer the phone by swearing.


Called 07:27 this morning - fortunately we were just up. As soon as the answer machine kicked in the caller rang off. Suspect this was scam call.


Rang my 77 year old mother at 07-20 this morning


Scam. Called early am. After a few seconds of nothing (always a sign), a foreign sounding chap asked to confirm name. I didn't, just asked what it was about. Didn't get the usual speech about having a virus, he just insisted I go to my computer, several times! He hung up after I didn't respond.


001268776614 this is scam just rang me twice .They told me I had viruses on my computer not so. beware


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boiler scammers, also use 01208821307


Said he was from BT about Internet router wanted me to turn on my computer


Ryan Harris called again using another number still claiming he was calling from BT technical department, l phoned BT again to give them the number.


They told me that my microsoft licence was about to be revoked


No sound or message. Just found it a nuisance to have to get to phone.


scam caller indian accent asking details, just harrasing


Asian sounding guy - claiming to be calling about a Sky Refund - I told him not to be ridiculous and hung up. They claim to need your bank details to process the refund ... As if!!....


Scam called pretending to be Talktalk - call centre background noise. When she said it was Talktalk, I said "how wonderful you keep calling me" and she hung up.


Yet another nuisance call . What can be done to stop these . It is annoying to be cut off just as you answer and judging by the comments others are making this type of call is an harassment


3rd time today...first one before 9am


rang me and said it was Talk Talk asking to fix my router, suspicious, told em it was fine.


Claiming to be from BT stating they needed access to my pc....very persistent until told were to go..


Don't know who called, never answer intnl numbers.


Claiming to be Talk talk wanting to speak to the account holder. Hangs up you ask for proof of who they are


They say they are from HMRC scam

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