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Told me there was a fault with my licence (?) and that I'd no longer have access to my computer. I played along for a couple of minutes then put on a Linda Blair voice and told her I would eat her soul. She asked me to repeat myself and I told her I was a PC security analyst, at which point the line went dead.


Just had a call from this same number. a VERY persistent women trying to tell me my PC licence was a bout to expire and my computer was going to be shut down if I didn't follow her instructions. Ask for the company name so I could research it was legitimate, said ???? Asked for he number so I could call back once I had carried out my research........ guess what, no in coming calls accepted !!!! Glad I have checked because she is VERY convincing telling me my PC was sending bogis emails out etc. etc.etc. and it had to be stopped !!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE STOP THIS SCAM.


I let the call go to answer machine and an Italian sounding man left a message in a foreign accent. Probably fortunate that I didn't understand a word of it. Please can somebody do something to stop this constant bombardment.


Telephone Number 001412592056 called Friday 13/01/17 approximately 2.15pm, hung up when I answered at my parents home, probably expecting an elderly person to answer. Obviously nuisance or scam judging by other comments.


I received a call from 001 412 592056 at 10.17 this morning asking for me by name (worrying) and stating there was a problem with my computer and that it was being compromised. I hung up immediately as I assumed it was a scam


We have had several calls from this number over the past few days from this number, but no-one speaks, or they just put the phone down. I can see from all the logged items here that they are just who I suspected - scammers. I wish them all that they wish us!!!


Asian guy just rang about computer license said it had come to an end and said he was shutting it down unless I went and turned it on and followed his instructions. I told him I would not be putting the computer on so he hung up. Had 4 calls from same number yesterday.


same issue been phoning me constantly trying to get me to download a remote access app from as soon as i saw that i completely refused and threatened them with lawyers then i hung up. they had the goal to try and phone me back. besides my number is ex directory so how did they get it


'computer licensing' scam. don't give them any info.


Had a call early this morning from this number.......asian accent said he was from Computer Licensing authority......said I had problems with my computer....I dont have one .....well our system says you either have a laptop or pc......dont have one I repeated......he hung up......I do have one, am typing on it now....but does sound quite convincing......TPS only works with UK numbers...maybe time to do an international TPS


This is definetly a scam, trying to tell my father-in-law that they would shut down his PC. Would not take no for an answer and even called back with a supervisor. Said name of company was whose web site seems ok, so they are using the name of a legit company . Reported to police cyber fraud team. Hang up if they phone you.


Received a call from 001412592056. Man with Indian accent, he started waffleling about my computer leicence


nothing on end of line when answered. spam call and note other comments about computer hackers.


001412592056 Why do the ICO and TPS seem so ineffective with this caller Digital Network


I have had three calls in the last few days all starting 00141. I have been told my computer will be shut down, also that I am using it for illegal purposes. Did'nt know emailing my friends was illegal!!


001412592056 Called. several times_- unanswered. On answering an Asian sounding accent told me that my computer would be closed down tomorrow! Said that I was reporting harassment call and hung up.


001412592056 Second call from this number, but no one came on the line this time. Yesterday's caller claimed to be Stuart Grey (he sounded Asian) from Digital Network of Cambridge and said my computer would be shut down today. He said he would not be charging for putting my computer right. Oh yeah? I put the phone down on him.


Man with Asian accent saying my computer license is being cancelled due to suspicious activity. Told him I knew it was a scam but he said it wasn't so he is going to cancel my license. Oh dear!!


Digital Network insisting I should have a unique number for my computer


Computer hackers wanting you to download a program that gives them access to your computer


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International call from Bermuda Pretending to be from my internet provider, Wanted me to log onto their system so they could sort out my computer !! When I told the Indian sounding caller where to go he became very agressive & abusive and asked if i had a daughter. 100% TOTAL SCAMMER.


cold caller - silent calls then hands up


At 10.40 a.m. on Tuesday, 21 February, I received a call from this number. I answered after a few rings and lo and behold there was someone on the line! A woman saying she was from Talk Talk and when I said 'Yeh' she said she was ringing about my Internet connection. I replied, "Well, you've slipped up this time because I haven't got an Internet connection" I'd barely got the words out before she hung up without comment.


Answered this call n they just hung up


Repeated silent calls from this number until barred and reported to TalkTalk on Wednesday. Different number silent calls followed all with the prefix 00146, so barring only triggers further nuisance calls from a different number, but with the same prefix.


Called repeatedly from this number yesterday. Caller hangs up when answered. When barred, more calls come from prefix 00146 with different numbers. TalkTalk customer.


These people keep calling and not answering and when you bar the number they use other numbers to keep phoning you


No one answered me when I said hello then a voice just said goodbye and put the phone down.


They are making out that the inland revenue have a case against you and ask you to press 1 to speak to your case worker the calls automated from Bermuda beware


This is the computer Department seems like they have a new number Asian male


Repetitive no message left


Rings but does'nt speak ..... wierd !


Claimed to be TalkTalk the normal scam stuff about our router.


Just a nuisance never answering the phone on pickup not do they leave a message!


Scam claiming to be from Talk Talk

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