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time the bt put an end to these nuisance calls if the can sell me a phone that blocks unwanted calls I'm sure they could block all of these scammers if they wanted too but then they are making money out of these scams too!


called woke me up but best guess this was a scam defiantly the type of call I don't want


Pk claiming to be from Microsoft. Number blocked


I get bored stiff with these calls. Most times I do not understand a lot of what they say because of their accent. I never knew that I had so many problems with my computer until these calls began. I now either ask the caller to wait while I go to the computer and powered it up then just leave the phone off the hook for five minutes or just listen to the call without answering.


I was called at 11:45 on November 25th. The woman claimed to be from Microsoft. I know it to be a scam. I was rude to her, (retaliate first!), then I hung up. Do NOT give them access to your computer! They will use remote access to lock you out of your computer then demand several hundred pounds to allow you back in.


Two calls from this number today. I didn't answer the first time as I am home ill, and was in bed - trying to get some rest so I can get better. Second time, I picked it up, but slammed it down again immediately. I get so many scam calls, I figured it was just another one. Seems from all the comments here that I was right!


Person called at 11:40am claiming to be Microsoft. Said my computer had been uploading logs to Microsoft that would indicate my computer has a problem with malware. Absolute rubbish. I don't upload logs unless I open a support case. Also, Microsoft do not have my home telephone number! Scam!!!


Do you mean 'PIECE' (regardless of the point of your post) ?


a person with a peice of metal stuck to his head


Number called 21 Nov. from Microsoft. Told woman it was scam and she said how did I know. (Bad experience). (Microsoft don't cold call.) She hung up.


I was called at 7.53am this morning. I was in bed so got up to answer it in case it was important. No message left. Its about time something was done about these numbers.


I find the best way of dealing with these calls is to play them along for a while then give them a long loud blast on a whistle. Should cause them some discomfort.


Scam call if you do answer just say you don't have a computer.


Was called from this number with someone claiming to be from Microsoft. Scam don't be taken in


Called at 6.40 am claiming to be Royal Bank


Very rude call today at 1010. claimed from Microsoft and there were problems with my computer. I said 'thank you very much but there's not a problem'. She got quite rude and said there was and if I hung up then they would block my computer! I said how dare she and hung up. Have tried to use the block call method in my phone and hope it works. Sick of these idiots calling thinking we are idiots! How dare they intrude on our private lives. Someone has got to find a way of stopping these intruders. I can't be civil to cold callers any more. Some of them can even be quite nice but I just haven't got the time or energy to listen to the drivel and respond in a nice way. GO AWAY!!!!


Called 9.00 am Fred Fisher with a foreign accent said he was from Microsoft asked him what he wanted usual stuff Im full of infections, plaued along with him wanted me to press the windows key etc, when I told him it wouldnt work as I am a UBUNTU user, so I would like to know what Microsoft wanted asked what ubuntu was then hung up. Just another scam trying to get into my system.


THIS IS A SCAM I was called this morning at around 7.15 by a guy called Jeremy Jones, with a strong foreign accent, claiming to be from Microsoft telling me my computer was infected and was continuing to be infected as each day was passing and currently there was over 500 critical bugs on my computer and I should go to my computer and he would talk me through the correction process. I told him I would go immediately and hung up. He phoned me back! I asked him for his number to call back and he cleverly gave me Microsoft customer service number, which on calling was closed, with a message asking to call during normal office hours. This man could have gone into my computer and stolen all my information, including logins passwords and bank details DO NOT LET HIM ACCESS YOUR COMPUTER!


Didn't answer but have had several calls. Answered a couple saying it's about your Microsoft computer. I tell them it's fine and to not call again but they do.


Called by this number twice this morning. 7.27am and 7.43am. Let it go to answer machine each time and obviously they did not leave a message. Worrying though as have an ill family member at the moment so immediately thought the worst. Secondly, there actually is a fault with one of our laptops and if my teenage son would have answered the call he may have thought it was legitimate and been drawn into who knows what!!


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Unknown, multiple silent calls at a rate of one per day.


Not had this number before and have no contacts in the USA


A lady with an black african accent (nigerian) wanted to talk about financial trading!


001647 number keep ringing. Pick up and no one answers but leaves voicemail with no sound on the other end. Been receiving a few of these calls with the same starting 6 digits


Janet? ( with an Indian accent!!) good afternoon! (Alarm bells ringing in my head!)! I'm from BT. I challenge - It's only 10.20 in the morning !!! Phone line goes dead!! Another scam call!!!!


No message and calls daily


Hello I just received a call from that number and is an Indian lady claimed she is from google map.


Keeps calling no answer


Today I was called from this number, it comes up as being from Canada Ontario ... Who is it? and why are they calling me here in the UK?


Chap called trying to convince me my computer had been subject to a virus attack. Did i know of this? They have called a number of times. I heard they try to con you to let them into your pc so they can steal your identity and personal information. This should be illegal surely? Please let anyone who may be vulnerable to this type of scam. a) ask for their name and company name. b) Ask for a number to call them back on. c) check the company out online.


We don't know who this person is they phone and don't answer when you pick up, they ring 3 or 4 times one after another.


A chap with an American accent called andsaid that I had 35,000 shares in worth thousands but I had to send them money to release the shares! Said he was from Colvert and Welling - I checked, its a scam - starting early this year!


Don't know, you're supposed to tell me!


Nuisance Call. To stop 100% of these calls please visit .


keeps calling lets it ring for ages. No contacts in USA or Canada so not answering.

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