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Called me from windows saying my laptop infected and could I switch on and they would fix it!!!. I was ironing at the time told them I would! Put phone down and continued to iron, after a few moments heard the lady asking 'Hello are you there several times! How my wife and I laughed cost them a few pennies and made us smile! DO NOT turn on your computer keep them waiting by saying you will do as they say and waste there time and money!!!!


No question it's the worst type of scam and preys on vulnerable people to persuade them their computer is 'infected'. Best approaches in my opinion: I) Keep them on the line a long as poss to waste their time stop them reaching others ii) Ask them nicely how they sleep at night knowing they are conning people iii) swear at them as aggressively as you can (won't get anywhere but you'll feel better)!


Man called saying he was from windows department. I told him it was a scam and he got very abusive and threatened to slap me.


When asked how they got my number got nasty and said mind your own bitch! Not very pleasant foreign sounding man.


Picked up phone no voice. Irritating. Suspect a scam.


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Unknown, multiple silent calls at a rate of one per day.


Not had this number before and have no contacts in the USA


A lady with an black african accent (nigerian) wanted to talk about financial trading!


001647 number keep ringing. Pick up and no one answers but leaves voicemail with no sound on the other end. Been receiving a few of these calls with the same starting 6 digits


Janet? ( with an Indian accent!!) good afternoon! (Alarm bells ringing in my head!)! I'm from BT. I challenge - It's only 10.20 in the morning !!! Phone line goes dead!! Another scam call!!!!


No message and calls daily


Hello I just received a call from that number and is an Indian lady claimed she is from google map.


Keeps calling no answer


Today I was called from this number, it comes up as being from Canada Ontario ... Who is it? and why are they calling me here in the UK?


Chap called trying to convince me my computer had been subject to a virus attack. Did i know of this? They have called a number of times. I heard they try to con you to let them into your pc so they can steal your identity and personal information. This should be illegal surely? Please let anyone who may be vulnerable to this type of scam. a) ask for their name and company name. b) Ask for a number to call them back on. c) check the company out online.


We don't know who this person is they phone and don't answer when you pick up, they ring 3 or 4 times one after another.


A chap with an American accent called andsaid that I had 35,000 shares in worth thousands but I had to send them money to release the shares! Said he was from Colvert and Welling - I checked, its a scam - starting early this year!


Don't know, you're supposed to tell me!


Nuisance Call. To stop 100% of these calls please visit .


keeps calling lets it ring for ages. No contacts in USA or Canada so not answering.

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