PHONE NUMBER: 002030641213

Type: International call from Egypt
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This number has just rang my mobile. At first glance on the display, it looked like a London number, but actually the number is +2030641213 and it according to the location display on my phone, appears to come from Egypt. Egypt's country code is 20 I did not answer and on checking this website, sounds like a good thing too.


Got called repeatedly by this number in same afternoon. Nobody on line first few times.. Then Indian sounding man trying to claim from Telephone Preference - definitely a scam - don't get into conversation or give any info


Number keeps calling but no one there. Given other comments quite pleased no one there but still very annoying


keep getting calls did not answer seems to be from Egypt if you answer DO NOT give ANY details NOT even your name!!!


I had 10 calls from this # yesterday - all went dead when picked up. Today was also called on this number by and talked a man called "Neil" with Indian/Pakistani accent. Said was calling from Telephone Preference Management, he asked for the expiry date on my debit card so he could implement worldwide call blocking from a blacklist, he quoted my name, address and postcode - I gave him a fictitious expiry date at which point was handed over to someone else who asked for my sort code. He became very persistent when I wouldn't give it to him, he gave their address as: DMA House, 70 Margaret St, London. When I wouldn't give him my sort code he called me a scammer and said he'd publish my number on the internet for all scammers to use... nice.


was called by this number today, man said he was from TPS wanted visa card number. to register. My wife took the call and refused to give him any details, so he got aggressive but hung up when she passed the phone to me to speak to him.


Called 4 times saying they were TPS number 002030641213 when are these calls going to be stopped.


Called 4 times today,first call spoke to 'Chris' from Telephone Preference Management who asked if we received unwanted calls.I said we did and that's why I had signed up to TPS then I hung up.Next 3 calls just silent.


Phoned and nobody answered me. phoned again an hour later. Said they were from TPS and asked lots of questions. I then hung up.


Claimed to be from TPS asking to confirm name and address to update their records. Hung up when asked why they were calling.


Said he was called Alice and was calling from TPS, not UK accent. When I asked if she could repeat where she was calling from she hung up. 2nd call an hour later from same number - went dead after I picked it up.


Lady with an Asian accent saying she was from TPS, was I getting any nuisance calls, gave me my postal code and asked if I was paying my telephone bills by DD or post office. I told her that was irrelevant, she said no it was important and was getting irate, and when I started to say that it was none of her business, she puts the phone down


A guy said his name was John and he was calling from TPS. He didn't sound very professional. I hung up when he asked if I pay my phone bill by direct debit. He rang back saying the line got cut. I told him we weren't interested and hung up again.


Called yesterday and again today. Claim to be from TPS. Just another scam.


Bloody nuisance! Iv been experiencing all the above too


Male with Asian accent called on this number, claimed to be from Telephone Preference Management. I asked for the address of his firm he gave me the correct address of TPS. When I said I was concerned this might be a scam call he hung up.


An Asian man called "Aseem" called saying he was from TPF Control, asked for Mr S (who died 20 years ago). Told him Mr S didn't live here any more, asked why he was calling. He wanted to know if I had had any unwanted marketing calls (which he could get blocked), so I asked him to wait a mo and then gave him the referee whistle treatment and told him he'd just made such a call. Obviously a scam, and why would the TPF call from Egypt??


Pretty much the same as other people, except I don't pick phone up. Sometimes if you have Callminder option 4 can sometimes give you an unavailable number. But much at 7.48am this morning.


Rang 4 times today pretending to update TPS asked for card expiry details and when I refused insisted I go find cheque book to give information. Thought they got cut off when I put phone down and teansfered me to" a manager" when rang me back ! Why do we allow these fraudsters to operate !!!!!!!!!


Called twice today by Asian voiced male pretending to be from telephone preference society .Told them they were being a nuisance and they out phone down how do these people sleep at night trying to fleece people


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002000172006 scammers said was bt


supposedly from BT but when challenged they hung up yet another scam


nancy call from BT about my router


A man saying he was from BT and that there is a problem with my router....obvious scam caller


Persistent calls saying they are from BT. They say we a problem with router, and could have a virus. Try to get access to computer.


This number is calling repeatedly, saying it is from British Telecom. The caller says there is a router problem, possibly virus. Appears to be trying to gain access to our computer


Cold calling asking you about a accident hoping you have had one so they can rip you off more than likely some no fee scum solicitor


Caller said he was repairing my bt broadband and asked me to use my computer and told me which keys to press. I told him I didn't have a pc . He then asked me to use my laptop to which I told him I didn't have one so he hung up .


Just had this number call - apparently they were BT and there was problems with my broadband line and hub but they needed me to open up my computer and go through some things with them to check! I hung up


They are scam masters putting virus on yiurnpc saying by they are calling from BT


Said they were from British Telecom, then it just went quiet. When asked to repeat where they were from, they hung up.


foreign speaking gent. couldnt understand a word of what he was saying so just hung up


Called at 4.10 pm. Nobody on line on pick up after letting it ring a few times.


false number had a lot of these this week all your bt modem has viruses all total tosh not with bt


Looks like another scam

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