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They have called countless times but when I challenged a woman today she cut me off. Why can't these people be stopped.


Called today and told me I was due a sky refund he was called Micheal!?! I couldn't really understand him but he wanted my date of birth and said if I didnt give him it I couldn't have a refund .he had my name and address I told him why do you want my details when I didn't pay for sky so he reeled off my husbands name and said if you don't tell me you can't have a refund and he hung up .


006348599547 Third call today from Sky! I don't have sky, I have never had sky.


Called today and was told i was due a sky refund. Some foreign male calling himself Neil. Yeah course you are mate. Could barely speak English. I let him confirm all my details and then it came i just need your credit card details so the money can be refunded. I happen to work as a police officer in the fraud department. This is absolute rubbish. He passed me straight on to his supervisor as he thought i was about to give my card details. She is whats known as a closer. Sky would never phone it customer's and ask for card details. I told her to send me a letter instead. Of course she won't. Don't fall for this scam scam scam


Said they were from sky and wanted to tell me I had been over charged and needed details from card. They knew address and card expiry date!!


006348599547 Second call today. They are becoming a real nuisance.


006348599547 Rang again today - didn't answer.


Didn't get to the phone in time. Called 1471. If it's anything to do with sky, they don't give up do they.


same number 006348599547 indian women first then put through to a guy supposedly called john miller sky id act 011 beware .


sky refund. don't have sky


Called today by Asian woman who told me that I was due a refund of £202 from Sky. When she tried to get my details, I told her to stop thieving and to get a proper job. She kept trying even after I told her that. Quite mad!


This number called today saying sky refund £200+ pounds asked for bank details I said send it by post then, don't even have sky. I asked to speak to manager. Her name was Jennifer.


Confirming all the above comments; have had at least three of these calls which are SO obviously a scam. I don't have Sky. WATCH OUT!


Confirming all the above comments; have had at least three of these calls which are SO obviously a scam. I don't have Sky. WATCH OUT!


I did not answer this call but it was received within 5 minutes of a telephone conversation I had with the service protection agency appointed by Sky. I had no reason to doubt the conversation I had with the Sky agency since I was booking a house TV repair call. No message and assumed it was yet another nuisance call.


14/11/2016, received call from this number, Sky refund department apparently, explained to the caller it seems unlikely I would be in line for a refund as I don't have any Sky products.


Call on this number today nine am claiming to be from sky. Wanted to refund me £ 200 + . Told him we do not have sky and he is a fraudster,


Asian woman said she was from Sky and that I was due a refund of £200 due to technical issues. Asked the usual questions my address, tel. no (!). I played along and asked when is this money being paid into my account upon which she asked for my credit card details and she'd do it straight away. Be aware that Sky will only talk to the account holder and already have your payment details in the unlikely event they want to give you money. Never, ever give bank details to anybody who phones you. This shower of sh-- also do multi dial, so there's silence when you answe the phone.


Called today "Jennie " from Sky refunds saying I was due a refund of £220 . Asked me to confirm name and address I terminated call before she got any further.


I let it ring for at least ten rings begore picking up, then had 'goodbye' automated voice and call cut off, irritating rather anything else


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Rang off when answered...


marketing , asked where they got my number as it was registered on TPS , did apologise and said they would remove it , been told that before mind !


From Philippines rang 3 times today dont leave message so I presume its con men


Some idiot claiming to be from "UK energy" (I may have misheard, but I don't think I did)...very persistent in saying that it's not a sales call. Told him to bugger off and learn English because when someone says "no", it doesn't give him permission to carry on with his script


Foreign sounding person calling every day at least twice a day. Have stopped answering. So much for TPS. It doesn't work.


Do they really think I answer random calls? Look at the if!


marketing call about media service providers. told him I was with the tps but made no difference. very persistant, eventually just hung up, no idea what he actually was providing or selling.


Didn't answer but my suspicions confirmed that it was from abroad


line went dead when I answered


Rang my elderly Mom purporting to be from Sky. Asked for her bank details saying she was due £200 refund. Luckily she was savvy enough to decline. Beware.


Phone at least three times a day, morning, afternoon and evening! Don't know why anyone from the Philippines wants to phone me, but as I never answer I won't know!


Silent call now blocked came from the Philippines.


a person from the far east who could only say "Goodbye", stupid individual.


When I answer this call there is no answer, 0063 is code for Philippines


sean windows tech support claimed to be left this no.

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