PHONE NUMBER: 01134931390

0113 493 1390
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some sort of finance company, blocked them now, do not waste your time with them


3rd time in 2 weeks didn't answer this time. in blocked list. going to have more blocked than in contacts


Calls a few times every day Real nuisance


They have been calling everyday, I've actually missed it every time. I looked it up on here and realised this is all harrassment. Number now blocked


Rings me everyday, at least once a day. I did answer once and they took a while to respond. Times of calls would vary from 8/9 am to 8/9 pm. Now blocked.


Had this number call 6 times so far since 26th jan i never answer it, No voicemail is ever left. Just blocked it had enough of them calling.


Hi This number every 2 days calling answer nobody speak on phone. How should i block?


Called today. Asked if i paid for my bank account. scam


Don't even bother entering into dialogue, just block the number.


keeps calling me:( irish lady selling something. didnt stay long enough to find out though. blocked


They call every 2/3 days. I've never answered and they never leave a message. I've just tried to call the number from a land line, with the '141' prefix to hide my caller Id, and they refuse it! Instead there's a message saying "I'm sorry, this Caller does not accept calls from withheld numbers". Seriously, gotta be a con / scam / sales call! **BLOCKED**


Four calls in the last week. Left no messages. Ignoring it now.


Didn't answer so no info but this site is very useful. Thank you!


This number call requarely but leaves no message. If they leave no message they are "Dodgy". Simple as . Now blocked.


I've taken to answering, putting it on mute and then leaving them until they hang up.


I have this number blocked but still keep getting them and the name that shows is Carole Drowning


Cold calling finance company. Had several calls over the last 2-3 weeks from various 0113 numbers claiming to be the same company. Each number blocked every time


Just ignored a call from this number as i didn't recognise it. they didn't leave a voice message. checked out the number online and have now blocked.


1st time was an Asian lady , 2nd could not work out his accent , said from FCC Banking , same story both times . I put the phone down asap


Missed call, no message, checked the comments, not calling back.


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Call to my mobile. I answered and said "hello" several times. No response. I hung on the line for 20-30 seconds, eventually the line went dead. Presume yet another telesales call / enquiry


Henry Hyams Solicitors Leeds


Sales call regarding an email I had responded to. Polite and direct. I wasn't interested in the end and asked to be removed from list, which they respected. Haven't heard from them since.


Called today saying they were from talktalk. Had a call yesterday but withheld number, again saying from talktalk. I contacted talktalk and they advised that they will never call you unless you agree to them calling.


Someone called. Asked if I was Mrs ??, then asked .. do you have dog. When I said no they said goodbye and hung up..


possible employment spammer


All I know is that the call was from LeedsThey rang me once. I was not able to get to answer the call in time.But straight away they rang my phone again. I answered the call straight away.I said hello at least 4 times or more. Someone was on the phone but they would not speak to me they just hung up. So I did the 1471 and press 3 only to be told that the number I had dialed had not been recognised. This is so annoying and very painful for me as I am disabled and it takes me a while to get up.


SCAM . Call starts as a survey , they may ask have you received vouchers , you won't Have , beacause they don't exist ! You will get asked about you Boiler Make And age ,washer Dryer Ect. After getting more of the same calls in one week. I gave False answers to make and age of appliances . Got call 2 days later telling me my Warrenty was about to expire and I could renew with a card Payment. Be ware THIS IS NOT A SURVEY ITS A FOOT IN THE DOOR FOR A SCAMM


very friendly individual


Pension Co cold calling to help you sort your pension. Said no and they disconnected call.


More cold calling idiots who consider spending all day on the phone randomly cold calling other businesses to try to flog them their wares is a good idea. Block or ignore.


Someone from a company called Virgo home improvements asking for us by name. I have never heard of this company. This was an unsolicited call, we are registered with TPS and though caller was polite this company should not have contacted us.


Caught by answer Machine, computer irritation


has called on 6 occasions, over 2 wks, rings 3-4 times and call ends....


Haven't picked up, but they keep calling for no reason.

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