PHONE NUMBER: 01142059450

0114 205 9450
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pointer0114 area code - Sheffield (England)
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English sounding man phoned me at work saying he was from a "government department for Trade". A likely story!


01142059450 Person Likes Wasting Money So Do this 621311 1566


I live in Japan - have gotten several calls from this number. Reading through the comments here, glad I have not responded. Now blocked.


Caller asked to speak to Albert. I told him that he'd got the wrong number. He apologised and wrung off. Thinking about it I do sometimes register my name as Albert Hall on websites where I don't want to give my real name. So maybe the call was some follow up marketing ploy.


Asian chap very cocky and arrogant. Said I have won a free 7 day holiday including flight and £500 spending money. He just needed my card number to verify my identity. I told him I wasnt interested and he started to swear and threaten to call me taxis and order pizzas to my address ( which he didnt have) . How can these scammers get away with this? .


why does BT allow this - ah yes they make money from these calls - silly me! Run down stairs to answer - tripped on the way down - possible cost to the NHS now!!


Called for the manager, i asked to take a message and call back but said i wouldn't be able to call back on the number. Clearly a scam.


Android identified this number as potential Fraud or Scammer when this number called. They didn't leave a voicemail, I obviously didn't answer and blocked the number.


Calls and drop calls you when you answer, I understand that it is 9p per minute from landline and a lot more from mobile, I rang it back the first time and the caller just wanted to get my personal details .,..for security ! ha then just kept pecking away trying to get information , ive blocked it now


Called me several times. I always check if don't recognise number or if no voicemail left before returning missed call. Glad I did !! Now blocked this number. Thanks for all the posts - great job


Nuisance call pretending to be water company and wanting personal delails (name etc). Refused to give details and he hung up.


idiot nuisance caller 4 to 6 times a day. They pretend their selling something but actually want your details for a criminal scam, that's why they keep calling because a legit business wouldn't waste so much time calling. Criminal operation avoid.


claiming to be from fleetworld magazine, got your number!!!!! Its Ant Marketing, don't tell then anything.


Called on November 30th claiming to be from an insurance company in Shrewsbury (!!) asking for the person in charge of our insurance policies (we are a charity) I fobbed them off with a generic e-mail address. Looking at all the other comments here I would say they are best avoided!


Called but before answering hang off.


Bunch of arseholes


an English lady called and asked to speak to me about holiday lets, i said i think she had the wrong number and confirmed i didnt have any. she said shed take my number off the system..... can only assume it was going to be a sale call


Man called me at work saying he was from Hiscox insurance and wanted to speak to the business owner.


Called agaim no message who are these people


Called twice this morning no message


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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keep hanging up, 14 times in two days, anyone know anything about them.


Said they from talktalk


Call many times never leave a message pain in the a*** ignore!!


They phone me and ask about personal information, when try ring them back just get info : this number is not in service good bye...


Another ambulance chaser. Ignore it


01141075420 - not sure about this number.... My BT Call Guardian did not let the call through as they didn't want to be announced.... so can't say if this is a number that needs to be blocked yet - so I will leave it for a while....


They call themselves Red Star and wanted to discuss "the paperwork" that they were about to send me. Spam.


HSBC checking on validity of an old last will and testament they had stored appeared legit


This number is not Red Diesel Suppliers


Said his name was Alex and claimed that Direct Line had admitted liability for our accident. Not had any accidents!


cold calling energy sales


Sunshine and sickness - holiday flight delays claims company.


first they said it's talktalk and they spotted a broadband problem, asked me to press the windows button on the pc together with the r button, I got suspicious and asked what is my name then and address, she made one up and muffled it by probaby moving the mic from her mouth or covering it, I then asked who is this she said we are the council press these buttons, I said no your lying bye and hung up. obviously very very fishy


Picked up the phone - no-one there


Silent call from this number at 0813, has been reported to ofcom.

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