PHONE NUMBER: 01158600168

0115 860 0168
Type: Landlines (geographic)
pointer0115 area code - Nottingham (England)
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No idea who called; the person greeted me by first name and then hung up. Quite scary...


Insurance sales. call per day for 3 days. Then a break of a few days then a further 3 daily calls. Annoying.


Rang to ask to speak to my father who died 9 years ago. Annoying call but they were very polite


This number has been calling me several times a day for weeks.Thankfully I have a call blocker so the phone does not ring. Why does someone not investigate this nuisance caller?


This number has been calling my landline every day for several months. I don't answer and they never leave a message. Pain in the neck!


Won't stop calling


Calling me every day .....although left me alone Xmas day ! I don't pick up and no message is left.


Talk Talk - response in reply to my disconnection request.


Calling every day. No message left, and I don't pick up.


Calls often, Annoying repeats. Being on TPS appears to be no deterrent.


Calls at least once a day, bloody nuisance.


Have no idea what company it was - free and impartial advice to see if I could get a better offer on my Internet, knew I was with Sky... Advised them have changed provider - tried to find out who I am with now and advised them it didnt matter, was quite happy and thanked them for their call. This is happening at least once a day, usually Welsh woman who doesnt like to be told no....


Claiming to be from TalkTalk. Seemed to know about recent transactions but not convinced. Welsh accent? from Nottingham?


Calling at least once a day for weeks, bloody annoying!!!!!


Rings at least twice a day, usual crap about insurance claims etc.


Polite lady asked for my wife ( who died three years ago ) then quickly apologised and launched into a hard sell for house insurance. Told her I was not interested but she carried on with her pitch so put phone down on her


Solution telemarketing sold me a virgin media package and emailed me a deposit request through world pay zinc. I am treating as suspicious as I was kept for nearly an hour on the phone but also have been sent emails from a site with Virgin in the name so I am not totally sure it's malicous. But will be calling Virgin tomorrow to check before sending anyone any money. World pay zinc seems to be a mobile phone card machine app which is what sent alarm bells ringing. Why would a limited company be using that... Just smells fishy .


Many cold calls


Fourth Call in 5 days !


Thrice in 4 days ! This is beginning to be harassment and certainly unwanted and unsolicited.


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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0115 Phone Numbers


Car accident claims scam Strangely they called almost immediately after I placed an add on Gumtree..


Text message asking for outstanding payment. Don't be fooled, it's not EON.


Indian sounding man kept saying how he wanted to F**k me ?


Claiming to be from TalkTalk saying my internet is being used by others and hence I have slow speed. Will I turn my computer on. When asked what speed I am getting they could not answer and hung up!


Claimed to be from the "National Traffic Control Department" An obviously fake organisation questioning a minor car accident I supposedly had a few years ago. Tried to keep on the line as long as possible but hung up!


Somebody claiming to be from talk talk saying there is an error with my router. My ISP is NOT talk talk. They hung up when I told them. Scammers!


"You have been recently involved in an accident" SCAM call.


Security company wanting to sell be an alarm. Told the caller to remove me from their database. We will see if they do as this number or similar (change of last three digits) has called me everyday this week. Today was the first time someone actually spoke!


They said it was Talktalk


The caller knew my address and (of course) my mobile number and informed me they were sending 2 forms by post. My best guess would be it's PPI. Caller terminated the line when I refused to supply my email address. Didn't have a English accent and although it looks like a Nottingham number 01157622578, I suspect it wasn't.


This is a genuine call - It is Edgewood leisure centre


This is a genuine call... it is Hucknall leisure centre.


Storage King self storage. Got an online quote from them and they called back once. No harassing calls


Access self storage. Got an online quote from them and they won't stop calling


Big Yellow self storage. Got an online quote from them and they won't stop calling

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