PHONE NUMBER: 01158600168

0115 860 0168
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pointer0115 area code - Nottingham (England)
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Just called me, knew my first name. Said he was calling to compare home phone providers. Told him I wasn't interested & hung up.


Trying to sell home insurance. I told them we'd just started a new policy so didn't need it and also that my husband deals with it. She still went on to tell me all about what they could offer. Took a while to get her to listen to me that I wasn't interested. They have still rang everyday since! I'm now ignoring their calls


just had a call from this number saying they were from staysure home insurance the way he talked i thought my daughter had cancelled my home insurance by mistake yesterday so like a fool i set up a direct debit with them for house insurance been in touch with staysure and its not one of there numbers guess ive been conned contacted the bank and cancelled it and bank going to keep a eye on my account


Tried to get bank details from my elderly mother regarding home insurance, very pushy , lucky my mum and dad are switched on enough not to divulge info over the phone. Said they would call back but my dad told them not to. Such a worry for elderly people my mum has been losing sleep over it. I'm very angry at these bast***


Challenged the chap who called, about phone calls every day from this number. He denied it. He said my contract was due for renewal, so I asked who that was with & he didn't know. Gotta be clever with these guys. Said my info shouldn't be with him if he didn't know who my contract was with. Got to wonder who's sold the info on...


THis number called this afternoon im disabled couldnt get to phone in time they didnt leave a message do these idiots just guess the number it was on my landline I know how to block on my mobile but not on my landliner does anybody know please


Ive been called by this number claiming to be Virgin Media and asking for a £25 deposit for a switch to virgin from Sky. I am not convinced yet. Especially,when they want my bank details over the phone!


Never leave a message so never answered.


Insurance. Told him it was a bad time. I am ill. Just carried on


Some man keeps phoning between 7pm and 8.30pm says something about broadband comparison - i've now blocked the number. Very annoying


Daily calls so far this week with a few actual connections despite their poor call handling, ask to speak to Mr/Mrs previous occupant and I strongly suggest they can go whistle!


Have no idea who what company it was knew my name and address than said bye quite scary


Said I was busy and also wasn't interested in their price comparison. He became very rude, said I'd agreed to the call earlier in the week. I explained I hadn't. ( I really hadn't !!!! ) He said 'its recorded when you said it lovey' I said get the recording - it wasn't me ... still carrying on. Being rude. I put the phone down.


Answered phone call, but no one speaks and call is then disconnected. No idea who it is. I will now watch out for any calls from that number. Why would any sensible person buy anything through a unsolicited cold call? Common sense should prevail.


Getting fed up with this number calling every day!


Calling every day for weeks, when I answer it's a silent call, Most times I don;t bother. I am sick of these calls so much so that I have now cancelled my land line and won't be getting another one


Solution Services called regarding Home Insurance quotations. While being perfectly polite, this is clearly a selling organisation - although they may claim they are not.


No idea who called; the person greeted me by first name and then hung up. Quite scary...


Insurance sales. call per day for 3 days. Then a break of a few days then a further 3 daily calls. Annoying.


Rang to ask to speak to my father who died 9 years ago. Annoying call but they were very polite


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Couldn't understand what they were saying So hung up.


Nuisance constant ringing doesn't leave a message


Suspect automated call from 01154 877977 today 20/2 at 14:50 mainly silent but could make out Asian voices in background. With no response from me call was nung up.


Nuisance call Not sure what they are selling but when put through all shouting. Definitely an agency of some kind


Calls daliy sometimes 4 or 5 times will tthis ever stop !


This number called me few times in different days. When I attend this number no one speaks but after few seconds they disconnect call. I have tried to call it back but system always says that now our office is closed you can call Monday to Friday on a specific time. Although that time was in their opening times. It is scam number.


Nottingham code for dentist to change appointment, i stay in Scotland sounds like scam


Hung up when I answered, called them back and got a machine.


Taylor Banks - given option to opt out when I called back - possible PPI


PPI, rang on my mobile, so blocked straight away !


Turns out to be a relative calling from Nottingham with a faulty telephone. She should fix her phone along with her family.


A call at 7:15am, claiming to be BT and wanting me to turn on computers due to hacking, so their engineer could deal with it. I insisted on a number to call back, and was given this one. Am reluctant to call as I feel the woman calling just plucked the digits from the air. Am very concerned as my landline number was previously that of my parents-in-law, both of whom are in their late eighties.


This number called me twice & just blepped when I answered. Area code is Nottingham.


Random gas company asking me if I wanted to switch, keep ringing me every day


called and asked if i still had a mortgage or was i mortgage free

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