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Asian man called claiming to be from M&S, he knew my name and old post code, he asked if it was correct and I said no, he said what is the new one, I said I can't see any reason why you need to know that, he said it's so he can confirm it's me and abruptly asked again, I refused, he hung up.


Asian sounding man asking for a certain family member.i told him this was my phone abd hung up as this has happened several times now ver annoying




Rang again at 0835 this morning.....must be 200 times annoying to be awoken by these people.


Indian man called me and said he was M&S and asked if i lived at a specific post code and i said no, he hung up. Very frustating, they have called me 5 times over last few days.


the number 0120131550 rang, never answer number i don't recognise. Block but they have different callers with variation of 1 or 2 numbers. I agree they should be plagued with a thousand genital warts. LOL, Genius!


Asian sounding man called, said my name and postcode, when I asked who they were they hung up! So irritating these people have our details


Called stating was from.m&s knew my postcode when he asked me to confirm it it was correct I said might be..... hung up phone.


Asked what phone I was using Samsung or I phone asked I'd postcode was correct and also was I aged between 20and 79 then hung up


Do not give them any details about your mobile phones! Scammers!!


Indian scammer asked if I was still using my Samsung phone or iPhone


North African scam! They were asking if I was using a Samsung or iPhone


Scammer. Block this number


said he was from m&s and checked I was living at this postcode, he then was asking if I use a Samsung or iPhone, I asked why do you want to know and that I really haven't the time to talk anyway, he shouted at me, you F'ing lying shit get lost and hung up on me!


Hi, j just had a call from a very abrupt woman from India saying she was from M&S and she already knew my name and post code. Asked me what type of phone I was using and then hung up. Does anyone know what scam they are operating. I just took some goods back to M&S and my immediate thought was it was regarding this exchange. Tooooo late know as she hung up! Tried to call the number back but it's a dial OUT number only. Now blocked but guess they got what they were looking for.


Phome scammer Hi try take from me my personal information.


was just called and they said they were from MandS and asked if i was living at this postcode. when i asked what it was regarding he said nevermind and hung up


phoned me twice in the space of 2 days you answer it and they put the phone down. the hell do they get our numbers


Received calls from this number, but as it is not one of my stored contacts I didn't answer and have now blocked. If there not in you known contact list don't answer.


Called me a million time saying there from m&s and what phone handset do I have . I've hung up every time. They actually phone me at 7.45am


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Foreign lady rang several times until she spoke to my mother and said there was something wrong with her computer that she really needed to have sorted out and insisted that my mum got the computer switched on so she could sort it out for her. Got quite agressive so Mum asked for her details so that her son or daughter could phone her to see what the issue was but she hung up saying she'd phone back again. Straight after that she had 2 more foreign calls asking to speak to her but Dad said she wasn't in so they hung up. Dialing 1471 revealed this number but the man hung up as soon as Mum asked who they were. May not be the original computer lady but not friendly anyway - anyone any further details?


Rang 6 times today within the space of 30 mins claims to be from talk talk obvious scam


Foreign chap claiming to be from Talktalk about my slow internet, had all my details including account number, tried to get me to download to take control of my PC. Rang off in a hurry when I asked for his name and said I was on my mobile to Talktalk.


Get at least 3 calls a day I'm thinking of having my phone cut off as they ring and when i phone 1471 it just says 01203!!! how can that be?i get daily calls from someone pretending to be microsoft as well one day the hospital called as my daughter is sick and i almost told them to foxtrot oscar!


Stated my computer had issues and they could fix it for me.


Man of ethnic origin who introduced himself as John and claimed to be support for my computer. Knowing Microsoft do not cold call customers I knew it was a scam call so told him there were no computers at my address and he hung up.


Car accident pests....! Get a real job.....


I have received a call on these number, twice alredy. Firstly it was Saturday Morning on the 8th October 2016, 8h13 am and Secondly today @ 17h30pm, when i answer it, that person hung up. Kind Regard's


I was called this morning from a 'Rose' saying that they were from British Telecom. As her accent was virtually unintelligible, and very much like one of the spurious foreign call centres, I asked for her number so that I could check that this was indeed a call from BT. She replied that the number was 0120176293. However, I also called 1471, and the number is in fact 02031988114. It is from some company trying to sell call blocking hardware.


I think this is an automated spam dialler that has periodically hounded me for a year or so. If i pick up they pretend something about crash insurance. It's incredible that this continues!


NGR Double glazing. There is no such company


Don't answer this, whatever you do.


Called by this no on land line 2/3 times daily. No not recognised. No one there when call answered.


got 2 missed calls from this number. who calls me ?


London number, constantly calling but doesn't leave a message, I don't know anyone from that area so has to be a company of sorts

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