PHONE NUMBER: 01214453137

0121 445 3137
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pointer0121 area code - Birmingham (England)
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Some random Indian woman calling herself "Angela" (as if!) claiming to be from BT Technical department stating I had problems with my router and she would fix them for me free of charge! I tried not to laugh out loud and let her carry on reading her script. when she had gone through various instructions and came to the bit where she says "what message is displayed" I launched into a verbally abusive tirade of foul language calling her a scamming F*cker and to F*ck Off. She didn't hang up immediately so I continued with my verbal assault. eventually she hung up when I said "talk to me bitch". Don't follow these scammers instructions EVER! have fun insulting them instead!


No message left on my phone at 14:03 on Mon 16th Jan 2016. When I returned the call at 16:45 on same day a recorded message indicated that the message box was full and unable to record any further message. Too many complaints perhaps ?


we have had 3 calls this morning from 01214453137. All saying same thing. Say they are BT technical dept. When we are awaiting callback from doctor. Not good. Time BT put a stop to this.


Call from these scammers at about 10.30 am 14/1 unintelligible sub continental claiming to be from BT, tried to get me to access my computer. I told him that I was not by it, and so if he could ring me back in 10 minutes I would deal with it. This gave me a chance to 1471 the call and look it up on google. This site came up with all the reports so when the scumbag rang back I played stupid with him for about 15 minutes,(I had nothing better to do at the time) until he became frustrated and asked why I was wasting his time! what a joke. My advice is to keep a referee whistle by your phone, and when you are sure it is a scam give them a loud 5 second blast. You will not hear from them again and they will not hear at all for a while LOL!


A lady rang me saying she was from BT and that using Google was downloading virus to my computer and that the hub had sent warning messages to them. She was very sharp and rude when I said that the computer wasn't in the home at the moment.


Reported this to Action Fraud. Did the same to B.T security as these scammers were purporting to be them. Lady there confirmed that is just a 'host' number for calls coming from outside the UK. Offered to sell me phones that can detect and block such calls. .She said it is not possible to trace calls from outside the UK. Really??, So we might as well close down GCHQ, MI6, CIA etc, It seems B.T don't give a damn about anyone trying to scam people in their name, although they will be happy to sell you a phone that appears to have powers they do not possess. I suggest people keep a loud high pitched whistle to hand in case of receipt of such calls. They appear to be immune from any form of detection and prosecution so at least give the scummy bastards a bit of earache!


Indian woman started to talk then just put the phone down.


Number purporting to be BT. BT do not make this kind of unsolicited call and they do not have your information when challenged. Report it to BT customer services


Asian accent claiming to represent BT. Said there had been malicious codes on my internet connection. That's as far as he got with me! Obvious scam so put the phone down ans checked the number on here. Called about 3 o'clock today.


0121 445 3137 indian guy 'Michael' rang about my 'BT internet fault'. Jog on mate...


Indian male called and said he was from BT security. Hung up as soon as he realised I did not believe him.


same experience as others - I said I would look up BTinternet number myself, call back and take it from there - the chap,'Michael' sounded frustrated with me and disappointed.


A man telephoned and gave me his name as Chris Morris from BT Internet. I contacted BT via Online Chat. They do not have a telephone call made by them and registered to my number, therefore a scam. Be careful as the scammer wanted my to go onto my pc as 'they detected unusual activity in using You Tube' and other application. 1471 showed number as 01214453137.


Just had the same experience as the above. An Indian man called, told me there was a problem with my router and my computer was being hacked. He said it was easy to fix as I could do it myself with him on the line! He was obviously reading a script and said that an "agent" would come to my house the next day if he was unable to fix it. It was obviously a scam as when I said I'd speak to my husband about it, he got upset saying, "But mam, hackers can get into your computer" or something like that. DON'T GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION. Put the phone down. These are dangerous scammers.


BT do something. These scammers can easily fool gullible people leading to them gaining control of ones computer and private, sensitive and financial information. These are criminals operating with impunity from abroad using a BT number as a front.


Same incident as above. Told me he was from BT, said that they were getting errors from my router (which made me instantly suspicious as BT people always call it a hub) and was I in front of my computer. I said no and told him that I wasn't prepared to do any such thing and so he hung up.


Just silence for 2-3 seconds then hung up.


Do not give them any information. They are no BT. When I told the chap that if they were BT they would not mind if I called BT myself he said then you will get me! so what I need to tell you is about the internet box. I insisted that I call BT he then thanked me and hung up.


Indian sounding gentleman saying some one had hacked in to my wi -Fi box and BT land line told him they hadn't not even with BT I'm with EE. Called EE they stated no problems. Called the 0121 number back no ring tone just went straight to automated message stating mailbox is full. If they were from BT I would expect a company message.


Indian scam! Saying something my internet connection was uploading viruses :)


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Called saying from Talktalk, said my broadband was being used by others. when I asked him to send me some confirmation on who he was he hung up. Someone had already rang me from another number earlier saying the same. Obvious scammers trying to take control of computer.


Recorded one-sided conversation about motor insurance claim.


01212098701 Accident claims ... Hung up after I asked why are you calling me.


Scam accident cover - foreign call centre operative


Delivery company - safe


Had 2 calls in a few days from this number on both occasions the line clicked then cut me off


0121 2701135 called claiming to be Talk Talk and wanted access to my computer, they know my name, address and account number - female had a very heavy Indian accent which made it sound plausible... I hung up!


ihaand hung up ve had a car accindent itold caller to f..k off you lying tw.. and hung up


Peopleplus use to be called EOS who ran the work programmes used by the job centre.


This number has been calling all extensions in the office all morning, no idea who this is, but it is bloody annoying!


Even if you block this number you'll get another call with another 0121 number.


Said name was Danielle White from Ace Ins Services about a accident I was involved in. I said I've never driven a car and the phone went dead.


The caller wanted to help with a "no fault" accident, which my insurance company is dealing with. I rang off. When I tried to ring back there was no connection.


Called understanding that I've been in a car accident. Funny as i don't have a car. Total scam artists!


Supposedly a debt management company but I suspect a scam as I do not have any debts.

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