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01234 339686
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I setup the new free 1572 BT Call Protect service earlier this week which now shows it has blocked this number without any action from me and stops them getting through completely!


I was called my this number and the chap at the end of the line asked for someone who wasn't me, I said wrong number and he continued talking- i asked where he was calling from and he said "uk media" followed by asking for a short amount of my time. I said i was busy and to please take me off the list. He then asked again for my time. i repeated, nicely that i wasn't interested and to take me off the list. He begged for me to please listen to him. i explained that he wasn't working ethically and i would complain about this number.


I'm getting calls from this number, when I ask who's calling, first time he told me to [email protected] off and second time he said 'wrong answer' in a very creepy way. I don't like this at all.


A stupid person who doesn't even know what he is talking about.


been carrying on for weeks two or three times a day,girl got abusive when i told her to take our number off of their data base no call today sofar


This number called i said they had called before, the girl was quick and in your face type attitude , and said she will call every day, when i asked her if this was a threat she hung up


they just call me the time is now 20:04 have they nothing better to do and think that others are not doing other things


Rang at 12.25 today, silent for approx 10 seconds then hung up! After reading your reviews we have realised that this was the latest call from UK Society, of which we get at least 3 per day! These certainly are nuisance calls which can be infuriating however, I now take pleasure in letting them ramble on with their introduction and reason for calling and when they get to the part where they say, "Is that ok", I simply say, "No". If they are going to waste my time then I'm going to waste theirs!.


keep phoning me sometimes three times a day starting at 8.30am,sometimes quite or start asking questions been going on for several months,goes quite on the weekend.


They called me a couple of times today - 10am & 12:30pm - same both times, no-one speaks and the line goes dead after about 10 seconds, what's the point???


Male called shortly after 12noon claiming to be from an organisation named the National Home Efficiency Centre asking me if I had received a £500 voucher. I told him I had already spent it on gin and hung up. I checked the number - 01460396002 who are listed on this site as dangerous. 5mins later a silent call from 01234339686 who are also listed as dangerous on this site. I suspect both calls were from the same person. Beware.


They have been calling on and off for months, though this the first one this year. It is always a silent call and they hang up after about 20 seconds. I am also registered with the TPS but suspect that these calls are from abroad so cannot be blocked by the TPS. I have Call Guardian but they still get through. They are now Blocked so I hope not to receive any further calls.


Rang at 9am said they were UK Society and wanted me to answer questions. Said I don't do that and was registered with the TPS, Promptly rang off after saying something I didn't quite catch and a giggle. I can't understand why the TPS doesn't look at this website and deal with these calls.


Incredible that this country allows this sort of harassment. If only someone could find the office they are calling from.


The UK Society - Survey Call. To stop these calls please visit [spam website has been removed] and register your details.


Someone with a strong Indian accent calling himself Francis from UK Society called early in the morning wanting to conduct a survey. He hung up without apology when I mentioned I was registered with TPS. Report these telepests to ICO.


Why do these people persist in calling virtually everyday when I have call guardian ? Dahhh!


I just add all these "nuisance call" numbers to the phone directory so the names come up when they ring again. The problem is that the names are getting increasingly rude as I get more and more annoyed.


An Indian male asking to speak to me and I replied no to all questions and put the phone down on him! Blocked now


Got a call from foreign sounding man who determined to force you to answer questions who then becomes very aggressive!


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Asian harry just called me from Microsoft Windows. I told him it was bull shit and he told me I was bull shit. Total scam


On attempting to callthis number back - the message said it is not in service!


didn't answer, tend to receive unsolicited calls at similar time each day so is I don't recognise number I ignore call and check it out on line


A pain in the arse wanting my opinion about something or other, She said "answer a couple of questions & I won't bother you again" my reply "Don't worry about the questions and feel free not to bother me anyway" she hung up. Cheeky bitch.


Called twice, Road Traffic Management or something, just hung up and they rang back 30 minutes later. Told them not to call me and #uck off for good measure.


another sales pitch on insurance I do not need from someone I could not understand


Called me and left no message. Have never heard of them. When you Google this number this shows up as Swan Print in Bedford.


This number constantly calls my number but when I answer it no body speaks to us and if we don't answer it they do not leave a message????


01234221480 called my mobile first on 4/1/2017,again next day and twice the following day. On 9/1/2017 they phoned 3 times. They have had 7 opportunities to use my voicemail and have not done so! Clearly a nuisance.


Just hung up once i answered


Central Claims Group. Guess it is PPI related.


Unknown company is using caller ID cloning to use my number. BT ARE AWARE, BUT CANNOT BLOCK. Please do not return any missed calls as it is a home line.


New to area wondering who has called me


PPI pain in my ass used a local area code fake number to get people to answer


Called at 4pm and after I picked up they hung up without speaking.

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