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No one answers.Silent call


Didn't answer me when I said hello, waited for a few seconds. When I rang them back the number does not exist.


Another pain in the arse.


Called tonight just after 8. Indian guy said we'd had an accident, hubby said we hadn't, again man said we had, hubby said no. This went on for a while, each time hubby saying no. Indian chap said, Why you waste my time! Goodbye! Idiot, lol.


there were people in background talking, the person who called me hung up after about 5 seconds ( i said hello 3 times. I wrote down the number (after punching in 1471) and it said "the number you have dialed has not been recognized, please check and try again!!


Silence so hung up


These annoying excuses for human beings get on my tits at the best of times, so yesterday when they called again at 19.25hrs and sitting there in silent mode { but i could here lots of them jabbering away in the background noise}, i decided to inflict some really nasty racist abuse at them ( what are they going to do,sue me for racism?). After calling them the most nasty horrible things i could think of i sat silently waiting for a reply which didn't come they just hung up.


Giggling idiot with Indian accent rang at 9.30pm. obviously desperate for a job. they got the rape alarm set off in their ear, hope it deafened them.


01240375684 - 2 calls in 30 minutes tonight, first Indian sounding female and second Indian sounding male, informing me I could claim for the accident I had in last 2 years? both put the phone down when challenged and asked who they wanted to speak too, and where they got telephone number.


Called at 8.05 tonight, when I answered sounded like call centre then Asian guy spoke, couldn't understand him so told him to speak slowly & clearly if you want me to understand you! He did to say it was about my recent car accident(I haven't had one) then asked if the person who had was available. No!! Scamming time wasters. BT and GPS need to sort these pests out.


I have just answered a call from this number, nothing. I said hello a couple of times, silence.


Several calls today. No message just hanging up. Left several text messages on land line too.


I got a call from these people at 20:00 on 18/07/16. I could hear him speaking to someone in the background. I said speak English. He replied "can you make me a paper aeroplane?". I said what? He repeated this again. I said fuck off an don't ever call me again.


Called said I had a car accident, cos I laughed she called me a stupid woman, I said noo your the stupid woman fuck off u bitch.


Called said I had a car accident, cos I laughed she called me a stupid woman, I said noo your the stupid woman fuck off u bitch.


01240375684 called went to answer phone. They hung up without speaking. I did 1471, looked up their number on a search engine, found this site within seconds. Thanks for the heads up everyone.


Indian called 'John' from 'Accident Advisor Services'. Had called a few hours earlier but presented as phone number 00 33 226501513 Spin them along so they have less time harassing the innocent :->


they just phoned then silence on the line then hang up


rang twice and hung up grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


01240375684 Called today at 12.00 noon Just Irritating Asian voice with nothing to say. Time Wasters and having read the others on here they were obviously up to no good.


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Phones me three or four times a day!!!


crap nicked money from me


Answered but got silence. Blocked!!!!


Tried to answer but they hung up. Don't know anyone in chesterfield anyway! Sapm call!


its a central heating management system. Best thing is to ask your boiler manufacturer if its necessary! The chances are they will say no. Cold callers like these do not give me any reason to want to look at their products. They could send better details by post and then I might be interested.


Rude, not needed recalled and called. Just hassle


Had a call form 01244335632 on picking up the fone there was a short delay and they put the phone down, nothing was said by the caller Mrlifter


See also; 0844 384136 Called my mobile 4 times in 3 days each time pre recorded msg left on voicemail. Claims to be from UTILITY but no reason given for call. If I no longer wish to receive marketing calls I should call 0844 3843136 which, a premium rate no. after reading comments here I decided to answer their next call. It was Utilitia offering free smart meters if I switched energy supplier. There was no argument when I explained I was stuck with my current supplier for the foreseeable future, in fact he offered to remove my phone number from their list so I would not be bothered by any further calls. I'm rating them neutral because although it was safe to answer and there was no pressure to buy it was an unwanted sales call and a waste of my time.Thank you


Call centre rang me over 6 times in 2 days


This number has continuously called me eveyrday for the passed week at least (very annoying). As I didn't recognise the number and they never left a message I didn't answer the call. But they just called and I rang the number back, it said it was a company called Utilita...I think they deal with smart energy meters (marketing call). I shall now put on block!


From Chesterfield silence when andwered


Menai bridge primary school Anglesey


Missed a call from this number. They left no message. Not sure who it is.




01249743278 Asian sounding man called claiming to be from BT Broadband, and 'your other provider'. Told him I was 86 years old, and he hung up

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