PHONE NUMBER: 01271562222

01271 562222
Type: Landlines (geographic)
pointer01271 area code - Barnstaple (England)
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Number came up on answerphone, No message left. (Devon)


Scam. police should track this number as it is a landline


Caller hung up when I picked up phone. When I rang this number back after checking with 1471, it was " not recognised ". Government should get much tougher on spammers, fine company BOSSES heavily, and publish the names of offending bosses AND their company. The T.P.S. is only a small step against a big problem.


No answer by the time the phone was picked up. Suspicious....


Just been called 12/1/17 at 14:50 by an indian sounding lady/man stating I had been offered 30% discount on my bill as a bona fide customer. Definitely, suspicious! Hang up!


Indian sounding lady called, claiming to be from BT wanting to give us discounted line rental, She knew my name and address, and said she would write with the details, but as a "security measure", could I confirm the bank I made payments from. I refused, and told her she didn't need to know my bank account if she was going to write to me. She then put the phone down


Second call of the day from somebody claiming to be from BT. Said I was not a BT customer and they hung up. I know there is a 'BT' scam going on as an acquaintance of mine got uncharacteristically tricked by it recently.


An Indian lady called saying my BT internet had been hacked numerous times and I had to switch my computer on so she could show me. Played dumb and she hung up.


Two calls one Indian lady then Indian man said the same long standing customer with B.T. We are not. The lady asked my husband for bank details he did not give them as he does not know them he has just had a stroke.


Claimed to be from BT Indian man.


Calls then hangs up.


Keep calling,Indian woman saying from BT,


Wanted to give me free bt line rental for being long time customer I am not a customer


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Iv hade three missed calls this week and when I try to call back the call fails.


Bradford Shariah Office it's a safe number.


Can Solutions - Also use : PHONE NUMBER: 01270448860 BEWARE!!!! DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!!!


This number called same time on two consecutive days, didn't answer and no message left on answerphone. I called back as I thought it was a friend, number very similar , got a message saying calls to the number were being screened, then a lady answered saying she had not called anyone?? Could this be a scam ?


Nora from Red Star Management asking if I had a credit agreement in the last 6 years with MBNA or Barclays told I not and she was really rude, told me she wasn't going to talk to me and hung up!


Comes from the same office block (Nr Brentwood police station) as numerous other nuisance calls on grants for kitchens to PPI. Block!


Not sure just back ground office noise then the line cleared. When I have tried to call the number back they are putting the phone down. Frustrating.

01279813000 - Agents for airlines to repair/replace luggage damaged by baggage handlers during transit.


claims company. They wanted to know if I had PPI. Blocked now!


Onlye the silent call - hung up as soon as I answered! Annoying!


Said they were from Wessex resolutions - wanted to arrange a survey! It was 1.30 pm & I was eating my lunch on a Sunday. What the hell was this!!!


Rings and hangs up at least 3 or 4 times a day. When you ring back an automated American voice says they will be with you soon and then plays music


This number has been calling our landline a lot, don't recognise the number so have never answered. Rang twice in quick succession this morning. Answered it the second time: lady with Indian accent- said "Wrong number" and hung up. Won't be answering again.


Marsdens Holiday Cottages


Can Solutions - Must call every 2 weeks. Trying to sell mobile contracts. Have asked to be removed from there system multiple times. Still get calls! Danielle Simpson Based in Cheshire

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