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01391735824 - call house 3 times today, unfortunately I was out so I missed them, 2nd set of calls in a week last time it was from 02081141202 - after a huge argument with the '85 year old' on the phone I hung up and blocked the number. Getting sick of these scummy people.


I had an early morning call from an Asian lady asked for me by name when I enquired what she wanted gave me a speel about my computer load of rubbish - also when I came home from work this evening had a call from another number 01414110011 giving me the same rubbish again. I am also registered with TPS what use is it. Very rude and agressive both calla


Numerous calls from them, claiming to be BT and internet security. I asked where they were calling from and they said London. I asked how the weather was in London and they said "I'm not here to talk about the weather". So then I asked if they believed in Karma. When they asked me what I meant, I asked whether they believed that doing something nasty or bad means that they will be re-incarnated as a cockroach. They hung up. :-)


Said they were BT and hackers had been in my account when I said youu are nnot from BT they hung up sharpish


Cl;aimimg to be BT hing up when challenged


Called twice to say my computer was compromised and they B T needed access to fix the problem I told them it was a scam,and the call was ended.


01391735824 called claiming to be from BT technical department about my internet connection being hacked. Kept calling me madam (very annoying) and did not like it when I was being cagey about checking my BT ID number. I gave no information and he said he would disconnect my internet! 😟


01391735824 claiming to BT. When told that I didn't have a phone he got very annoyed. A complete phishing exercise do not entertain what so ever!


Phoned me approximately 3 times already this morning. Stopped answering landline because of these kind of calls. Another cold call from someone else whilst typing this message.


Asian Albert from VM - usual guff about virus infection from my computer blah blah....... Asked him where he was based (Manchester), and I told him I'd been called by Asian Dan, Asian Jim and Asian Dave, so glad they are looking after my interests! I asked him the number he was calling from - he started to say '161' and I challenged him on this number being from Manchester, he said 'Oh my God' and hung up! Telling them you've Linux installed also gets the same reaction!


My landline phone rang at 09.42 today 16/12/16. I said hello, there was some crackling on the line, I presumed it was a scam call and said out loud ,that this was probably a scam call and that I would be taking down the number The phone went dead, I called 1471 to get the number and then went on line to contact this webpage Who Called Me


Asian woman "Jenny" claiming to be calling from BT Guard in London, called me first from 01391 735 824 and gave this number 0203 286 9501 to call back to check her credentials. She advised my PC had been hacked from California and to "log in immediately" so she could fix it ! Kept referring to me as "sir" when a BT advisor would clearly know my name so suspicious from the very start of the call. I did not call back and surprise, surprise she then called me within 5 minutes from a WITHHELD number - stupid or what!!! Told her to get a proper job and crawl back under a rock.


"Jeremy" called at 0754 this morning claiming to be from BT and said there were problems with my internet connection. I suggested he email details of the problem and then hung up.


On my answerphone. They hung up immediately when asked to leave a message.


An Asian sounding individual said he was from BT and they were about to cut off my broadband. When challenged he started to say his number was 020 but hung up before finishing.


Called today claimed my computer had been infected by a virus, when I asked who they were they said they were microsoft. Iphone said they are presenting a number from "boston" england.


Brett claimed to be from virgin media told him I had contacted virgin media on Monday. Not happy bunny as I am getting these calls almost everyday 😡


Called my to explain that my router was allowing hackers, spyware and viruses and that I needed to provide access to my laptop to correct this. I had fun for 20mins or so, and then he hung up when I asked him to confirm my BT account number.


Scammers claiming to be BT, saying that someone was trying to hack my router. Decided to keep him on the phone for a couple minutes before I got bored.


Called at 13.30 today. Our internet connection was being used allegedly between 12 midnight and 4 am. Caller hung up when she overheard my husband saying that's not a BT call


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Didn't recognise the area code so didn't answer the call. No message left but don't want to ring back just in case its a scam call If its important they will ring back or leave a message


Asian voice saying he was calling about my internet connection with Talk Talk. Started to tell him I don't have an internet connection with talk talk and he hung up


No one there at the end of the line. Called several times in the day


rings but leaves no message on answer phone


Someone with an Indian accent, claimed to be calling from BT Technical support, regarding a technical issue with my broadband and internet, claiming it was being hacked into by other parties, and asked if the internet was working well. They tried to establish credibility by giving an account or verification data : 888dca60 and said this reference would be on my bill statements. They tried to get me to use my computer to use an internet site (I presume) but I hung up, when I said I was using a Mac, and he said "oh 1 minute..."


Rep for Anglian home Improvements , keeps trying even though you have told him you are not interested !!! Has called my number 4 times in the past week .


Asian sounding, "We have detected a problem with your computer..."


Asking about the recent accident I've had


Unknown woman who giggled the put the phone down


Usual pause before anyone spoke after I answered. Asked if I was the previous owner of my work phone and when I said that I was not and asked who was calling, put the phone down on me. 7th number I have blocked on my phone that starts 01392 971 *** and none of them sound like they are from Exeter!


no message left and when I re-dialled it was unobtainable which tells me it's a sales call. These people need to be stopped.


who calls me from 01392346138


Bt bogus call at 8.3am. Continental accent. Female.Stating they are calling from BT technical dept. Had this call before and they are looking to 'check' your bank card details.


Asian called purporting to be from BT suggesting my Broad Band had been hacked! I dropped the call.


No idea, I don't have any contacts in Felixtowe

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