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Indian call centre! said they were BT and my internet line was being compromised by hackers. Wnated get access to my PC! Scam!


WARNING SCAM I was called today by someone saying they were from BT and that my broadband was compromised and working slower than normal, said they were fixing it with no charge. And needed me to connect a computer or tablet to the system. I advised that I could not at that time but would call back when available. Checked with BT they advised that it was a scam. Also advised Police neither can take this matter further so please if you get a call do not do what they ask? The number showing when they called was 01391735832 He said to call back on 02031292683 and ask for Peter Williams he would then sort the issue.


Received a call from this number yesterday lunchtime,no-one there.Another call this morning at 7.45 a lady called Maria claiming to be from B.T.and saying there was a problem with my internet access, I put the phone down immediately.My concern is we tried to safeguard our calls by selecting TPS but clearly this is ineffective with these type of calls.I would expect BT to be concerned about false representation as clearly these people have nothing to do with BT.


Called yesterday and again this morning at 8.15, saying they were from BT andhackers were trying to get into my internet. Asked where they were calling from and this morning they said Brooklyn! I asked America? And they said yes and I am the manager. Strange foreign accent certainly not Americsn! I hung up.


Gibberish about cutting off internet connection as it was somehow being "shared" between actual address (which they clearly got from the Phone Book) and some random made-up address. Had a nice conversation with him about him being a scammer, to which his reply was merely "oh", "ah", and nothing else. Sadly no expletives!


Called me at 14.45 when I said hello justed heard a woman laughing and call centre noise in background kept saying hello no answer they hung up . Called number back says invalid number ..... fake number


Asian sounding woman called me saying she was from BT and wanted to talk to me about my internet connection - I asked her "why would BT want to talk to me about my internet connection?" - and she hung up. Already had calls about my internet connection, which is Virgin Media, being compromised and being used for fraud. These people as the scum of the earth.


2 times today saying my bt Internet had been hacked told him twice I didn't care as I have unlimited Internet so won't cost me. Told me to f off haha.


Had a phone call from 01391735832 when i answered they hang up. The only people to blame for most of the phone calls are the phone company's that have there call centers in India. Because they sell all the details they have on you to anyone that will pay them. There will be people that will say i am being a racist but the truth is the truth and nothing to do with being a racist. The phone company's no this is going on but they don't give a shit about there customer's but how much money they can make.


Called today at 11:36am. Told me that my Windows machine had an issue. When I asked him for his public IP address he told me to F*** off and put the phone down. If anyone receives a call from this number, just hang up.


Claim to be bt want access to my computer. They said hackers had got into system and they need to clean up system. Beware they are very nice and friendly and seem completely genuine


Called today at approx 1235. Woman with non British accent saying she was from BT & wanted to talk to me about my internet usage. "Now why would you want to do that?" I said. She hung up..................


Woman saying saying it was about Windows problems on my computer, very loud and stroppy sounding female, not of English extraction. Refused to answer any of my questions about where she got my number from, how did she know my computer had 'problems' etc.. Then she hung up. My dear old Dad had a good idea:- just say "I'll get the house owner....", then put the phone down and check occasionally to see if they've given up.


Called me for the second time today, wanted me to allow them remote access to my computer, first time I rang off but second time I said "what, so you can hack my account?" she said, no ma'am, I'm from BT. Told her that was not true and she rang off. Both times it was a very fast talking Asian woman.


Got a call from 'BT Technical services' whose central technical server had detected hackers using my internet connection for criminal purposes, and that they were trying to hack my computer for email and facebook. They wanted me to download teamviewer to my pc so they could check on my 'internet problems'. Wut??? Er no, you can't have remote control of my computer Kept them talking for approx half an hour before they got bored and hung up. Waste of time I hear you thinking, but managed to eat my breakfast, get dressed and brush my teeth during that time. These people annoy the hell out of me as it is vulnerable people who will fall for their scams


01391735832 called 10-30 am was suspicious of number so let answerphone take over, caller put phone down.


Called this morning and answerphone picked it up - no message - tried calling back using 141 to hide my number; BT reports no such number. Reported it to Ofcom. Please anyone receiving this type of call report it to Ofcom - the more reports they get the more likely they are to take action.


Called twice 1st a female claiming my internet has been hacked. 2nd asking for a Alun Roberts and then hung up!


We have had around 10 calls. Mostly silent, so they are using some kind of auto-dialler and spoofing the caller ID. BT should be able to trace and prevent these calls. The last 2 calls there was some Indian sounding guy on the line but he quickly rang off as soon as we answered. Does not surprise me this is a scam. We are registered with the TPS and unlisted, so I am guessing they are just dialling random numbers on a phishing expedition until they find someone who believes them.


Some weird Indian guy, asking who I am and I said what's it to you? Don't call me and ask personal stuff or watch! They hung up, clearly a fake cunt.... Dont pick up!


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Didn't recognise the area code so didn't answer the call. No message left but don't want to ring back just in case its a scam call If its important they will ring back or leave a message


Asian voice saying he was calling about my internet connection with Talk Talk. Started to tell him I don't have an internet connection with talk talk and he hung up


No one there at the end of the line. Called several times in the day


rings but leaves no message on answer phone


Someone with an Indian accent, claimed to be calling from BT Technical support, regarding a technical issue with my broadband and internet, claiming it was being hacked into by other parties, and asked if the internet was working well. They tried to establish credibility by giving an account or verification data : 888dca60 and said this reference would be on my bill statements. They tried to get me to use my computer to use an internet site (I presume) but I hung up, when I said I was using a Mac, and he said "oh 1 minute..."


Rep for Anglian home Improvements , keeps trying even though you have told him you are not interested !!! Has called my number 4 times in the past week .


Asking about the recent accident I've had


Unknown woman who giggled the put the phone down


Usual pause before anyone spoke after I answered. Asked if I was the previous owner of my work phone and when I said that I was not and asked who was calling, put the phone down on me. 7th number I have blocked on my phone that starts 01392 971 *** and none of them sound like they are from Exeter!


no message left and when I re-dialled it was unobtainable which tells me it's a sales call. These people need to be stopped.


who calls me from 01392346138


Bt bogus call at 8.3am. Continental accent. Female.Stating they are calling from BT technical dept. Had this call before and they are looking to 'check' your bank card details.


Asian called purporting to be from BT suggesting my Broad Band had been hacked! I dropped the call.


No idea, I don't have any contacts in Felixtowe


they said they were an insurance company and wanted confirmation of address and dates of birth tried to call back but it just cuts off They may be gathering data They already had names ?

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