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Had this number on my phone 5 times now!.. I just say hello....They ramble on...I just stay silent...They slam the phone down!.First call said he was Michael,Asian accent and couldn't even make out what he was saying...I kept saying pardon?...He hung up!


This number has tried to call me 6 times. As I have call guardian they didn't get through. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.


01391755841 Asian sounding guy called this morning (13.01.17 ) at 09.05, stating that he was from BT and my email had been accessed by persons unknown. I just hung up.


Asian sounding man called, very noisy background, claimed to be from Microsoft and wanted to talk about my computer. When I said I couldn't hear him he hung up.


Rang at 07.48 today claiming to be from BT and that our Broadband had been hacked into during the night. Told them I was going to report it to the police then!


Called at 8.35. Very noisy background. Indian woman saying she was from BT technical telling me my internet was being hacked at midnight every night. As she rambled on I realised it was a scam. Hung up


Two calls from this number today at 12.05 and 13.35, first call they hung up after I said hello. I did not answer the second call. I am also registered with TPS.


Indian sounding "Alan Parker" from BT about infected internet. I told him he was a thief and should do something beneficial to society. Hung up


Rang more than once today, Told me my internet was going to be cut off immediately due to problems with my PC. Haha. Wouldn't give me an email address although they claimed to be from BT. I told them I wasn't a customer of BT so how were they going to do it. Ended up playing LOUD music to them. They hungup. Total SCAM.


Third call of the morning same experience as others. Scam call from Asian lady claiming to be from BT and there is a problem with my internet.


Phoned my place of work several times over the course of today, twice I missed the call as I was with customers and the time I answered I was just hung up on. 1471'd the number and this was it!


Just had a call from this number claiming to be from BT and saying that they are closing my internet down tomorrow. This is the second call I have had today but from different numbers. Obviously a scam but so annoying.


Woman with Asian accent claiming to be from BT about problem with my Internet. When I said I did not believe her she promptly hung up.


Indian lady said it was BT and they were going to disconnect the internet, I said we don't use BT to get rid of her but she carried on regardless, so put the phone down, THIS IS S SCAMMER


Silent call


Called 11/1 and today 12/1 Line silent Now blocked


Line went silent when I answered (just after noon).


SCAM 01391735841 claiming to be from BT. Told them BT DO NOT phone their customers. She abruptly hung up on me. I got caught some month ago when they said I was due a refund for bad customer care. They told me to open up my online bank account and to let me know when the money appeared. Thankfully I smelt a rat and quickly closed down my computer.


Scam call at 9.50 this morning from Indian lady claiming to be from BT who said that we had a problem with our router. Told her that I knew this was a scam call and put phone down. Would like to report the number (01391 735841) to BT iff I could find relevant webpage to do so. We are already registered with Telephone Preference Service but it seems overly complicated to report any illegal calls to them.


Woman with Asian accent. Similar to other experiences. Said I did not believe she was from BT. She said she would give me her telephone number and BT employee ID number. Told her I was hanging up.


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Claimed to be from BT, saying problems with our internet. When challenges was very rude and hung up. Foreign sounding


Central Claims Group - say it all really!!


Asian accent trying to offer me a free Windows operation system because Windows 11 is being released soon?? I should have found out if they wanted to try to take over my computer. So only marked as harassing.


Keeps calling and each time it's just static on the line. Calls day and night.


No idea - just got some music after answering, no verbal response to me then rang off. Now in my caller barred list.


Didn't recognise the area code so didn't answer the call. No message left but don't want to ring back just in case its a scam call If its important they will ring back or leave a message


Asian voice saying he was calling about my internet connection with Talk Talk. Started to tell him I don't have an internet connection with talk talk and he hung up


No one there at the end of the line. Called several times in the day


rings but leaves no message on answer phone


Rep for Anglian home Improvements , keeps trying even though you have told him you are not interested !!! Has called my number 4 times in the past week .


Asian sounding, "We have detected a problem with your computer..."


Asking about the recent accident I've had


Unknown woman who giggled the put the phone down


Usual pause before anyone spoke after I answered. Asked if I was the previous owner of my work phone and when I said that I was not and asked who was calling, put the phone down on me. 7th number I have blocked on my phone that starts 01392 971 *** and none of them sound like they are from Exeter!


no message left and when I re-dialled it was unobtainable which tells me it's a sales call. These people need to be stopped.

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