PHONE NUMBER: 01443544396

01443 544396
Type: Landlines (geographic)
pointer01443 area code - Pontypridd (Wales)
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Called me today and new my company name said they had it from my Facebook page! Asking if I wanted to advertise in a magazine for the emergency services as their main contact for plumbing and electrical work no competition as they only want 1 of each trade to advertise and yes money involved!!! Do not fall for it it's a scam I've heard about these before.


Called me about an car accident I had called daily and about 4 times a day when I finally answered I told them that I hadn't had an accident and to stop calling me, but the calls continue 3/4 times a day 😡 Have blocked the number now.


Didn't answer in time but called number back. Had a voicemail saying call was important to them and to hold. As if!!! 😡




They called me knew my name and asked me did I call them from a company I've never heard off, I said "no" and the call center person said "ok, I'll take your number off this then" They then swiftly put the phone down, didn't apologise or give me time to ask any questions. Pretty weird, kinda creepy to think someone may be using my name.


Who called ?


Someone ask me about car accident I have 2,5 year ago - pretty weird.


This number just call me about car accident . Never been in one . Told them they have wrong informations. Shall we report it somewhere ?


Called my phone hung up then i returned call & they said Swallow Services? Is this a scam?


Rang me several times, answered as it was a local number, knew my name, accident claims


Silent Call - When i rang the number they answered as Swift Management, but put the phone down!


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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No idea who this was; silence and then hung up when I answered.


01443 544887. media match.


Ppi I believe my hearing ain't the best and a strong accept on the lady calling didn't help. Heard questions about loans and credit cards so refused to continue.


Griffin Mill car Garage, Pontypridd


A local Stowmarket number which I did not answer, but caller did not leave a message. Another scam I suspect. These people try to seek acceptance by using a code local to the person being called. This is happening more frequently now. BT are really useless and must soon do something to protect their customers, paying a significant amount of line rental etc. and getting nothing in return.


5.15pm on a Tuesday, 01444642801 rang me on my mobile. A lot of background noise. Young man said 'Hello'?. I said 'Hello?'. Line went dead. The area code is Haywards Heath, West Sussex.


It's a ppi company they won't take no for an answer. Also they appear to be calling from a local number but quote a Manchester 0161 number to call them back they leave loads messages now on answer machine. I'm sick them!!


Hangs up as soon as you answer, or if you take more than a few seconds to answer. Don't recommend calling back.


01443544183. They just hang up when you answer. New spam craze to use a local dialling code to get you to answer. When I rang back they tried to sell me a will and funeral plan.


Harassed into making accident claim wouldn't take no for an answer .told them to stop ringing but they said they will every day till I agree to make a claim


its a utility company called utilita when I rang them back there was a message saying if you wish to take you name off the market research list leave your number, have been ringing me constantly for the last week.


Keep ringing my mobile and no one on the phone speaks


company called Red Star, didn't answer call, called back soon as someone said the company name I hung up, call centre agent by the automated message saying passing through to next available operator


Someine calling about an accident in the las 3 years, when asked who told them, they couldn't give me an answer, said they were going to take me off the list, but has since callled 3 more times. Added to reject list.


nuisance call just block it

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