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01473 378288
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Scaremongering and dangerous. My 17year old son had the pop up arrive on his pc. Was absolutely petrified. He fell for it until he was put through to be charged $200. I was then informed about this. If I could have jumped down the telephone line I would have. Low life scum that need to be stopped. On the up side. He'll be a lot more cautious. Something to note: I found that the 'Citrix' vpn software was used to allow access to his pc. You may wish to delete any software installed if you get that far.


We received a pop-up message on our computer, purporting to come from Microsoft Edge. It told us not to close or reboot as our computer was infected and would put at risk disclosure of our credit card and address book details. It is a UK landline but is directed outside the UK. They present a very plausible case that they are a support company to Microsoft They claim they are an international company headquartered in Delaware, with an office in Kent. They could, however, not tell me where in Kent. Also there was an obvious spelling mistake on their pop up message which made me suspicious. When I started to ask for detailed information on the name of the company etc. they ended the call. An IT specialist advised us immediately to kill the pop-up and reboot.


These people are absolute low life causing nuisance and scaremongering and blackmail posing as caring companies!!! Even Official malware companies can't keep up with them. Shut the computer off and re-boot!! There is no virus just bullshit!!


It's fake technical support, number is UK but these scammers are all based in India. They will claim your network is infected and for a 1 time fee they will fix it. It's all just a scam, and as an active scambaiter I have had fun with them messing them about over the phone. Do not hand over any money to these guys.


Opens webpage on internet advising to call this number as you have a virus. Claims to be from Microsoft.


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Been harassing me for over five yr this is recent number same person also have a mobile for said person if anyone can find out who I would be able to take to police please


"Jake" from "Card Serve" (or something) wanted to speak to the business owner. He was still having a personal conversation as I answered the phone. He was abrupt and unprofessional. I told him so and hung up. Cheeky swine rang back, again not allowing me to complete my salutation. He wanted to know my name and I refused. I said he was lucky I hadn't quite caught the name of his company, and I was going to add that I would report him to his manager, but he interrupted with "Are you threatening me?". I couldn't reply as I was astounded by his rudeness. He then hung up.


Received call, when answered, no one spoke. I could hear numerous voices in the background. I am assuming it is a call centre of some description.


Don't know, nobody speaks.


Called themselves holiday solutions, chasing up compensation for all inclusive holidays. Tried calling back number not in service, enough said, added to auto reject list, along with so many others.


Just got through to music with occasional voice asking to hold and someone will be available....did not happen


Ormiston Maritime School in Grimsby


This is the Carphone Warehouse asking about upgrading my phone. I'm not with them so not sure how they know when your contract is up for renewal.


Call centre,foxtrot oscar.


Redcare - Someone who can get back your PPI - Even though I have never had it!


Trying to flog membership.


Say they are called holiday solutions nuisance 2nd call despite being told ctps registered


Dont know who they are


Unknown number called. Didn't answer. Had four other unknown number calls the same day. Sounds suspicious.


A school - perfectly safe to answer.

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