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01477 535670
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pointer01477 area code - Holmes Chapel (England)
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The 'oldest trick in the book' of what sounded like a young, Indian woman explaining that I had 'picked up' some malware when I was browsing the internet, and asked for me to turn on my computer. I didn't lose my temper but put her in her place, explaining that the only computer I have is a Chromebook, and the chances of getting a virus on one of those is very slim, after which I explained that I had a lot to do today, and said goodbye. She muttered something about only trying to help. I bet. Try asking them what operating system (what version of Windows/Mac for example) you're running, and what browser (Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.). It's hilarious hearing them tying themselves in knots trying to guess what they couldn't possibly know!


landline phone rang, no reply when I picked it up - checked number on 1471 = above scammer number came up.


I have received 2 calls from this number saying that they are BT checking my internet connection. I had to become extremely rude the second time and told them I had reported them to BT after which they ended the call......I've already been scammed once before so am very wary now.....


Just had two calls within 30 minutes of each other with a girl the first time and a guy the second time saying that they were from British Telecom and that there is a problem with my hub and router, tried playing along with them but they hung up.


Just received another nuisance call from this Indian speaking lady, informing me I have a fault with my computer and asked If I was on my computer now? she certainly does not like you asking her questions, as she hung up! I think Its a good idea to put her on hold next time and keep her waiting. No doubt will hear from her again soon!


Phoned from "windows" regarding a computer fault. They gave me lotta of instructions to follow (which I didn't) and tried sending me to a random website. Because I was being awkward (what can you see now? "Umm my screen in black") the lady called me an idiot and hung up. So scamming and abusive.


They caled me todsy...Scam as per all of the above comments!!!!!


These same people have called us at least 6-7 times in the last few days. Flipping nuisance. They are very persistent. I just generally hang up but my husband asked them lots of questions and she insisted she was from Windows. Absolute rubbish


As above - have blocked them


Three calls. The caller said they were from 'Windows.' She said there was a problem with my computer and she asked me to turn It on, I declined.


Received a call from this number 5muntes ago. Similar experience to others. I called him out as being a scammer. He said that he was from Microsoft - like others, I hung up. This was not the first time I had received a call from this number.


Just had a call from Indian sounding lady. Said she was from Microsoft and they were getting serious error logs from my computer. When I asked her where she got my number from, she said she got it when I registered the computer. I told her I didn't have a computer, so she challenged me why I had asked here where she got my number(!) Total scam! She wanted me to log onto pc so she could show me (probably via remote access given with my permission!). I wish authorities could close these scammers down. Very dangerous for more gullible people, especially pensioners.


01477535670 SCAMERS ! Purporting to be Microsoft


Indian sounding female. I told her I was sick of these calls, I don't have a Microsoft computer and I was fully aware it was a scam. I then hung up. I've logged and dated all the calls I've had from " Microsoft " this year, total 48 !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have had 4 calls in last month from ? Indian accenedt woman, poor line, telling me my computer has a fault - hangs up when I question her re the company she is representing.


Had a call just then, very faint, saying that my windows computer is not working properly. Said I was not interested and put the phone down. They rang back saying we got cut off and explaining again that they are from windows technical department, because my computer is not working as it should be. I asked how do they know whether I have a windows computer and they said they had my microsoft iD in front of them. I asked whether they could read this out to me - reply was they can put it on my pc screen, but I would need to switch on the computer and give them power to log on. Haha! I said to wait a moment and put them on hold. after 3 minutes they hang up.


scam concerning pc virus


This was an Indian sounding lady, not good English who told me she was phoning about the problem with my computer. It might have been a legitimate wrong number but I didn't feel it was right.


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Supposedly Dean from Microsoft Technical Support. These are scammers impersonating Microsoft. I have reported their link to GoDaddy. They also attempted to syskey my Virtual Machine


Called me but not answer


Grimbsy number. No idea who this is


Call about fault/dangerous use on Internet and modem. Duff call about "let me into you bank and computer" Do not give.details out.


It ring then rings off when you ring back it says number not in use


+44 1474 579900 Gravesend, England, United Kingdom


No idea who this is missed the called, when I phoned back all I got was hold music and a msg that I would be transferred to the next available operator only to be cut off after 5 mins


Opens webpage on internet advising to call this number as you have a virus. Claims to be from Microsoft.


They call all the time don't speak I can hear them breathing.


3 missed calls within 30 minutes and no message left.... annoying! who calls me ?


First assist - who seem to change their telephone number every few hours. This one is apparently based on the Isle of Skye. Be bloody bonny bo!


recorded message - didn't listen


Have tried this number on several sites, some of which say it's the RHS phoning about membership renewals, but I can't confirm if this is true or not.


Miscall no message no idea.


01477321456 keeps calling no one on other end

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