PHONE NUMBER: 01610005544

0161 000 5544
Type: Landlines (geographic)
pointer0161 area code - Manchester (England)
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Pervert K**ran Q**yum Spinney Hills Fraudster Leicester call centre.


I'm glad trump won the election


What a racist comment from the person below, I bet he's happy Donald Trump won the elections


They ring, I answer, hear indian/pakistani people talking in background. Then they hang up. Looks like a british number but it is coming from a call centre somewhere in india by the sound of it. Enought to scare someone with a frail mind or an older person on their own. I am sure they wouldnt care about that though. They are a bl++dy nuisance.


Got a phone asking about an accident I asked why have he rang this number told no one in this house has had an accident not to ring again and hung up. 2 min later he rings again saying he wanted to speak to the person who had had the accident, I called him a few choice words and hung up again.


Ambulance chaser


Looks like a Manchester number but is actually international, so the call blocker blocked it and transferred it to voicemail. No message left - surprise, surprise. I love my call blocker. These people hate them!


Scam calling


Called today regarding a motor accident I am supposed to have had. When challenged & asked where he got myinfo he said my insurance company but couldn't name the company. Tried to get me to tell him my details. Obviously I didn't. Claimed to be calling from MIB Motor Insurance Bureau. MIB website states the following -SCAM ALERT–INSURANCE CLAIMS-Have you been cold called by someone about an insurance claim who claims to be MIB or who says they got their information from the Motor Insurance Database? The MIB does not: - call the public about claiming for motor accidents unless you have already made a claim to MIB, sell or give out the information held on the motor insurance database to unauthorised third parties or ask for your banking details via the telephone


They spoke to my wife 4 times in a row threading to kill my wife and 20 month old daughter. Do not answer.


I have just had this call, they told me aviva insurance gave out my number, I have never been a customer if there's maybe done searches but never a custome I told them to Sod of and never ring me again, this resulting in the same guy ringing me 4 times threatening me and my baby who he heard crying in the background, he said he would come round and shut the brat up permanently and me and starting Fing down the phone Realy loudly, do not answer just ignore, Realy scary experience


01610005544 Called me asking if I had had an accident, I immediately asked for their number and they hung up on me. I think they should be reported because for those who do not have a phone that can block certain numbers, it can be annoying especially if you are disabled like me. Although I applaud the telephone preference service, not all the numbers get stopped which is why I had to buy a new phone which can block these nuisance calls.


Unexpected call. Supposed to be a claim line who got my number from Aviva. Someone apparently ran into the back of me. Told to f**k off. I will be contacting Aviva, who I have never been insured with, and telephone preference service.


This number flashes up and then shows INTERNATIONAL. Dialed 1471 and got no. Just out to bug us another way. If International had showed first would not have answered.


Called me stating accident line told the Pakistani type voice to stop calling this number as its ex-directory


Came up on the land line as "unavailable" so suspect someone forgot to block the number, had the music on and sounded like a call centre full of Pakistani gentlemen. told the caller that I needed to turn the music off and then the line went dead when had turned the music off so not important and next time might string them along a lot can recommend the mr number android app :)


I'VE HAD A ACCIDENT!!! apparently i'm a clumsy person. needless to say i told him to piss off


Multiple calls in half an hour about a (non-existent) car accident that me/my husband/anyone else they could think of has had.


This number called me today but hung up as soon as I answered. Shakey tings a gwan.


Received a call from this number claiming to be from the 'accident helpline' and that someone from my telephone number has had an accident in the last few years, I said I couldn't confirm that information so then they became pushy demanding to speak to the person(s) who had an accident, I replied that I was afraid that I couldn't do that so the person replied "why should you be afraid, it's not as if I'm a terrorist' to which I called them some names as well as staing that comments like that were not called for and were inappropriate, needless to say I hung up after that!!! 😡😡😡


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Very very dangerous man if he calls you call the police


Silent call potential scammer, avoid


Will not stop calling. Who are they ?


Repeated attempts to call 3 times in the last 24hrs. No caller ID


Ascend Properties. They are probably calling you about the flat you are renting with them. Pick up!!


Just got a call from this number. Anybody have any idea who they are?


Two seperate occasions today ..Noticed conversation noise of busy office sound and man talking when I hadnt even accepted the call from this number. I quickly swiped to accept then ended the call. How can this even happen !!!.


Rang lots. Hung up when I answered. Tried calling back says number inactive


Supposedly someone from tech help line??? Saying my computer has been downloading unwanted software without my knowledge and wanting me to turn on my pc😀 I very politely(ha ha) told him to ring someone that's gullible and pressed the button on my call blocker.


"The Travel Advisory Group" - Wanting me to make a claim against a holiday company. I told them I was on the TPS, but they didn't care. I asked them to take my number off their list and they laughed at me. When I questioned this, they gave me attitude and then hung up. I rang back and after about 10 attempts, they answered. I spoke to a manager who refused to remove my number and suggested that if I don't want to receive phone calls, I should throw my phone in the bin. INFURIATING!




Called me every day this week. When I answer I can hear a noisy office then they hang up after a few seconds


PPI number, several silent calls or immediate hold music


British sounding male called 23.02.17. Didn't give his name; said he was calling about 'my Hotpoint washing machine'. Knew my name and address. I don't have a Hotpoint washing machine. I I was expecting a friend and was taken off-guard otherwise I would have asked for more details about the [scmmers] company. I just said I didn't have a Hotpoint and put the phone down.


No message although caller was sent straight to voicemail because my phone has barred sales and nuisance callers

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