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0161 713 0283
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pointer0161 area code - Manchester (England)
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"nicole" called me too, seems that a lot of people have spoke to this alleged "Nicole" blatantly a scam.


lotto scammers be aware


Asian lotto scammers, just waste their time, time wasted with you fxxxxxx with them, is time they dont cheat some old lady out of her pension..


they just phone my number when i answer they just put the phone down on me


Called me today and a lady named her self Nicole (she has an asian accent ) said to me I won a competition then asked her which one and she changed the topic trying to persuade me that I should enter a Friday lottery etc and she then asked me my bank details but I hung up and blocked them.


Scammers don't answer block them


So far this week I have had 53 calls from this number . I have blocked thus number twice previously, but they still manage to get through. They are definately dangerous, knew info about me no idea how they got it, including info 're pension? Have spoken to police not interested because no threats damage etc. Please be careful with thus number


4 missed calls on this number this afternoon. Was at cinema so phone off. Checked this site to find it's the scammers again. Blocked.


Received 2 phonecalls. I pick up but noone speaks. Blocked the number after reading on this site


had three missed calls from this number ....if i don't recognise the number i always look it up online ...... now blocked


I just had them call me about Euro Millions with 10 free lines for Friday and then an ongoing promotion. The thing is they already had a lot of my info such as name, address, DOB etc. They then asked for my bank details would you believe for my inevitable jackpot win at which point i realised i was either being scammed or fonejacker has started again. Anyway i hung up the phone


This number has called several times over the last week including today. I did not answer any of them, When I read some of the comments about this number it just so happens that this last week I have also received texts stating I have won a competition I had entered, I did not reply or open these texts either. John.


I have BT call guardian on my home phone which has cut my spam calls to nil since I got it but these cheeky feckers have just got straight through as if they are an allowed number. Same story you've won a prize etc when I asked her how she got through my call guardian without having to announce who she was she told me to fuck off and hung up!!! I've blocked the number now but if you have call guardian beware seems they've worked out how to get round it 😡


They called after my mate tried to hack 8 ball pool. Obviously a scam


0161 713 0283


Asian sounding lady who said I had entered an online competition for big lotto. I asked when this was but she did not know and stated 'well you should know when you entered it". Said I had won 10 entries into tonight's euro millions and something about national lottery too. She asked how often I play the lottery, I was unsure about call as sounded scam based, so said I was uncomfortable giving that information and she got really rude. I said that it was personal information I wasn't willing to share, she had a go at me and hung up. Clearly a scam.


Called me today claiming I had entered a competition for an interview one which I haven't then saying that I had also won lines on euro millions and an iPhone They want me to log into a website with an account he was making up to play the free lotto lines I have apparently won and scratch cards his name was Martian Smith which is weird because reading another persons comment on here the person had spoken to an Amy Smith so clearly a made up name He also gave me a phone number to call him on which was 0161 8504402 clearly a scam apparently going to phone me the next day to see if I want to buy some more line next month inever gave any details he already had my name, email, date of birth, but wrong home address


Asian sounding woman called Amy Smith called to say I had entered a competition to win an IPhone, I haven't and told her so,she said it would have been in last 6 months. She knew my details name address etc so out of curiosity I continued with call she asked what colour of phone I would want if I won, and as part of a promotion I would be entered into syndicate for EuroMillions for £8 a week I would have over 150 entries then she said that no money would be taken from me as a direct debit mandate would be sent out she then asked for my account details to enable a transfer to be set up if I won and if not to return the money to me, told her I wasn't going to give that over phone she said she would send email so I could check out company she didn't. Obvious scam don't give any info


Caller only knew me by my e-mail name, (which is not exactly same as my name, thus instantly causing me suspicion). Claiming to run lottery & euromillions?? Asian sounding female, speaking broken English, kept asking for my real name, & lots of background noise. AN OBVIOUS SCAM & NOW BLOCKED.!!


I don't know why phone numbers like this exist.


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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no idea who it is. called 19.36 on 25/1


Called claiming they were motor insurance agency regarding my recent accident. The operator called himself John when I proceed to advise I had had no accident, John bellched down the line then hung up. I have blocked this number as clearly these people are mentally unstable and I don't want them wasting anymore of my time.


Elite lotto BLOCKED !!!!


Unsolicited marketing call trying to get my business to agree to a free meeting to allow for the creation of professional voice recordings for my business telephone system. The caller was very persistent. Blocked now!


Keeps ringing no one speaks when you answer.


Didn't answer because didn't recognise number and no voice mail message was lefy


silent call . absolutely fed up with these nuisance calls.


Looks like a Manchester area code number. Man called me with some of my details (where he received them from I have no idea), trying to sell me a pension. Told them I was not interested. Be wary!


These people call on a daily basis, they've certainly been calling for at least a month now! They call and once you pick up the phone they hang up in your face usually. One time someone actually bothered to speak and it was someone trying to sell something. Just a bunch of unprofessional cold callers that don't even respect TPS phone lines, should be fined!


said they were the tax office and i owed money if i did not pay now would be arrested


Called today, didn't answer because I get a lot of spam calls and this looked like one.


Asian man claiming to be from BT Openreach - being hit multiple times daily by these calls. Told him his was lying and would go to hell - getting pretty pissed off!


cold call regarding PPI


Number called twice today, answered first time but remained silent and surprise surprise it hung up, second time I spoke and an Indian accented lady claiming to be from "Money Saving Telecom" telling me that I had entered a competition to win an iPhone and that I had been selected in the final 3 to win.. I said I had no idea what they were talking about and they skipped past my point and asked what colour I wanted, I repeated that I don't remember entering a competition and they said i must have forgotten.. not the point. She asked if they could send me the draw information via email and I said no thanks, she came back with "OK we will give the lucky draw to someone else" And hung up.


Asked for my husband,said he wasn't available coud I take a message ,They hung up

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