PHONE NUMBER: 01618184784

0161 818 4784
Type: Landlines (geographic)
pointer0161 area code - Manchester (England)
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Called and asked for me by name and hung up. Asian voice. I've posted on Gumtree too.


Called me after placing an ad on gumtree0


Tom James rang about taxes for a Guide company. Have just posted my return on charity commission website. Phishing scam do not reply


Called after placing an add on gumtree same day said were crime investigation or similar BS hung up #wasteofspace


Rang me 12 times today after posting 3 ads on Gumtree over last few days. Driving me mental. I haven't had any accidents and don't want to make a claim but they then say,so you have any friends or family that have had a accident


Same old accident patter after posting a item on gumtree


Same as the others. After advertising on Gumtree. Absolute nuisances. Tazer them all.


Got my no from gumtree Just blocked no Pakistani scammer


Same as other people, within a very short time of posting a advert on Gumtree some clown with a Indian accident rang me and when I asked who he was he hang up. He has tried again whilst I was out this afternoon and because it was the answerphone he hung up. Bloody nuisance !


I am sick to death of getting calls from this nimber and some Indian sounding bloke telling me Ive had an accident! I get them AT LEAST twice a day on my landline and have even been registered with the TPS for more than 5 years! Having recently started a business from hime this is more than annoying as I have to always answer. There seems to be noone who can deal with this or even wants to. I will be watching thyis site closely!


Called with 30mins of posting on gumtree. I had the minor accident routine from Indian female. Why can the authorities not block this crap?


Guy asked about my bike for sale on gutter asked for final price and when I told him he has to view it he hung up


an Indian guy asked for me by name,told him that the person he was looking for was no longer here,but had left a forwarding number in case anyone needed to contact him, and asked him if he would like the new contact number.He said yes, so gave him the number of our local trading standards office.


looks like they have gone from accidents to being people who can help you on a government backed scheme for debt, now blocked


Gay Chat Line K***an Q***um Leicester. Fraud Premium Rate at £4 per minute.


A Pakie called bob Bob ding ding, stupid how he has thing number for 4 months now and still does it police must be dum as fuck


I have now blocked this number, I have experienced a similar situation to many of the comments before me. I just wasted their time and energy to keep them on the phone as long as I could. Damn nuisance calls.


Unbelievable, I asked him how did he get my telephone number and he kept on talking over me with his pre wrote paper. I kept on and in the end he said he didn't know where he got my telephone number from? English was poor and I don't know how this company gets away with this type of thing, he knew my full name and everything.. Scary as I always tick the opt out box!


Saying i had a car accident in the last 3 years or so, had my number on gumtree less then an hour. Selling a car.


Called about a car accident in had last year that I'd tryd to claim on. When I told him I hadn't heard said I had. Then when I repeated I havnt because I havnt been in any kind of accident he went on to say maybe a family member put in for me. My last words were 'look I havnt had an accident ever. My family members have had no accidents. There is no claim here goodbye Sir' ... scam.. prob got my number from gumtree


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Advert for Britannia roofliners through door with this number


Calls repeatedly. Unknown. When you call back you get an automated message telling you they are only open from 12 to 6.


Spam call. caller asked if I was involved in accidents. I asked them to remove me from their list then the caller claim they are working for/with police and I will be in trouble if I do not give information. Total spam. Blocked.


Persistent calls over 5 a day


Calls each day. No idea who.


claiming to be HMRC Tax credits didn't give any information to them why phone they usually write??????????????


Asian voice says he is called Joseph and my tv insurance (which I don"t have )is reducing from £7 to £5 gave him false bank account number & he said he would pester me forever & take out a complaint against me. LOL


not known number................scam


Accident spam call! Rubbish


I can confirm that this is a prisoners pay phone at SADEXO Forrest Bank, Salford


Claimed that HMRC are filing a lawsuit against me and press a number to call my case worker. Scary!


Nuisances repeatedly call


persistent phishing calls re motorcar accident


This is Ryder and Dutton estate agents.


Left an automated message on the answerphone stating that it was HMRC and they were filing a lawsuit against us and to press 1 to speak to someone.

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