PHONE NUMBER: 01618505119

0161 850 5119
Type: Landlines (geographic)
pointer0161 area code - Manchester (England)
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My contact in BT has located the office in Manchester. My friends are going there today with a present for them. Hope they like baseball bats.


Had a automated call from them saying it was HMRC and they wete filling a law suit against me press 1 frightend the life out of me so going to report it to HMRC AND PICE this must be stopped it could really frighten an elderly person not good enough


Scam...probably charge you a fortune if you press 1 to speak to their bogus case worker. We don't even use the term law suit.


Had the call today from this number. Says they're HMRC filling a lawsuit against me. No name, ref no , security checks. Obviously and confimed by others on here it a scam. If it was real HMRC would write to you


I have just had call from the same source. this is an obvious SCAM. the HMRC will use your name and confirm it is an official call, as these people do not know your name then report it to HMRC


I just picked up the phone at my mothers and after I'd put it down I checked 1471 and it was this outfit. What was odd, if this is a Manchester number, is that her Caller Display said 'International'


Same as other comments - HMRC taking lawsuit out against me but when I pressed 1 I was put through to some Indian man who could barely speak English. Put the phone down straight away. Clearly a scam, just hope I haven't been charged!


HMRC called my 67 year old brother saying a law suit had been filed against him and to press 1 for more information - so scamming has started early this year!


computer voice saying HMRC is filing a suit against me.


I was surprised to get a phone call from this number. How do they obtained it? Annoyed


Same experience with supposed law firm


Same experience as noted on here. I did not press anything and hung up and rang HMRC to report it and they gave me the number for the Action Fraud line for the police which is 0300 123 2040 where I have filed a report...


016185605119.... filing a law suit under your name voicemail message. Very annoying. I called the number and an american accented female auto message told me to leave a message. I did not leave a message....


I just got a call as described but as I have had so many scams I just hung up. Very worrying as was a serious English person's voice.


What a start to the New Year! New year, new scam. Very disconcerting. Officious voice tells you that a court case has been filed against you and to press 1 for information. Didnt do it but would be interested to know if anyone did and whether they checked their phone bill to see if they had been charged for pressing 1 and if so, how much!


Just had call from this number staking they are taking a law suit out in our name...though they didn't say our name! Stupidly I rang back worried but will ignore after reading comments above.


A male voice said that HMRC were filing a claim against me, press 1 to get more details. I did not.............


Received call from 01618505119 saying they are filing a law suit against me, how can they know who answered my home phone this a scam just put your phone down and forget about dont worry.


This number has called on several occasions over the past three months. I hate to think how an elderly or vulnerable person would react to such a call. Hope this evil, twisted nutter is caught soon and put through ringer for his/her actions. Disgusting way to behave.


01618505119 - was out - they left ansaphone message - saying I owe tax and to phone them back - which I won't be doing !!!!!!


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Advert for Britannia roofliners through door with this number


Calls repeatedly. Unknown. When you call back you get an automated message telling you they are only open from 12 to 6.


Spam call. caller asked if I was involved in accidents. I asked them to remove me from their list then the caller claim they are working for/with police and I will be in trouble if I do not give information. Total spam. Blocked.


Persistent calls over 5 a day


Calls each day. No idea who.


claiming to be HMRC Tax credits didn't give any information to them why phone they usually write??????????????


Asian voice says he is called Joseph and my tv insurance (which I don"t have )is reducing from £7 to £5 gave him false bank account number & he said he would pester me forever & take out a complaint against me. LOL


not known number................scam


Accident spam call! Rubbish


I can confirm that this is a prisoners pay phone at SADEXO Forrest Bank, Salford


Claimed that HMRC are filing a lawsuit against me and press a number to call my case worker. Scary!


Nuisances repeatedly call


persistent phishing calls re motorcar accident


This is Ryder and Dutton estate agents.


Left an automated message on the answerphone stating that it was HMRC and they were filing a lawsuit against us and to press 1 to speak to someone.

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