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01631 568494
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David from Microsoft and that my computer is giving out error messages!


John was calling from Microsoft and that I was at risk of being hacked :) SCAM!


Had 3 calls from this number today! Nobody at the other end and, after a few seconds, it cuts off. Guessing it is linked to a computer that randomly calls...bloody annoying whoever they are!


Said he was David from Microsoft. Had had this call before several times last year. Gets very abusive when you don't do as he asks.


Called and saying my computer was in danger and would be hacked! Microsoft Support Scam!


Persistent. Two calls in quick succession. Very insistent that they were from Microsoft. Tried to persuade me they had my laptop id and that I was being hacked. Did not switch computer on. Asked them how they had my contact number as I'd never supplied it.


Just had a call from this number. The caller didn't speak despite me saying 'hello' several times. From the background noise, the caller could have been in a call centre. Caller then hung up.


Said was from Microsoft said my computer was hacked and wanted me to switch it on a do a test I didn't wen I asked for his company to ring then back he just repeated the same I hung up


Just had a call from 01631 568494. A foreign lady said she was from my supplier, British Gas! Scam


Scam call!The caller said he was calling from British Gas and said they have had technical issues and they need my electricity meter numbers. SCAM


I received a call from 01631568494 at 8:45 this morning. Sounded like a call centre no one spoke to me so I hung up. I've now registered on TPS to try to stop these calls as I had three last week from Asian men telling me there's signal problem with my computer. Don't give out any information to these callers and end the call.


Thank you very much for the comments. I didn't answer as oddly the display showed 'international ' above the number. Has phoned several times in the last couple of days. Have contacted Microsoft in the past with similar- Microsoft say they would never phone.


Paul from Microsoft hurled abuse at me when I told him calmly he could help as I had an iPad.


Paul from Microsoft Security. Hung up when I told him I worked for Microsoft as well LOL


Called today from this number, foreign gentleman saying he was calling from Microsoft saying I had a bad virus and needed access to show me how to fix it, I hung up


Called again from 'Ficrosoft' About many viruses, I told him I had had the flu jab and hung up


Called this morning from this number - guy claimed to be 'from Microsoft Windows' and that my computer had been hacked! Asked him for his name and where he was calling from - he said Paul Wilson from Washington and gave a false phone number for me to call him back.


This number called me this morning guy with foreign accent saying his name was Paul Wilson calling about my computer, my initial reaction was no you are not mate and i put the phone down should maybe let sky know but I feel as a family we are savvy enough to get the scam it is right away,be aware they use several numbers got it down in my home phone as a scam caller so that way we don't even answer it if it calls again.


Peter Marshall from Microsoft..... When I said your not he hurled Your a dick head Your a dick head then hung up.


Have we a very active scammer here? Certainly has been busy today (16/11/16!)


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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01639326900 - don't answer this, it's cold calling at its worse


2 missed calls today. Only ringing once then hanging up.....


keeps calling at least once a day. Will block now.


Called themselves ACM meaning after care management regarding car accident I had previously saying I could claim for minor injuries in accident as the third party involved was doing so. I said are you riniging from my insurance co. They rang off but keep ringing back now and also on another no 01638480935. Think this is a scam


Financial money back scam


These people are scammers as they say they are from talk talk or Sky they get you to go to your online banking then they help thereselves to your money out of your bank, as did with me, so be careful, if your not sure hang up and give talk talk or sky a call to be on the safe side.


Zeigler Freight company south wales


They claim to be called something like media match. When you call them back it's an automated response. Tells you to press one to opt out but they keep calling. Received several calls in one day.


they said they were from an accident claims company on the first call then it was for ppi claims later the same day now i keep getting calls from them really annoying.....


Being called daily for the last few days but no message left.


Spam about an accident I never had!


Central Claims Group - keep calling on different numbers which I keep blocking. I have not put in any claims, have had no accidents, this is an harassing call.


Rang the number back its a cold call


Call dropped out on answer. Tried ringing back, number not recognised. Assume cold sales call.


this number keeps phoning (every 4 or 5 minutes but nobody ever speaks

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