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01633 318520
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pointer01633 area code - Newport (Wales)
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Gentleman of Asian persuasion called and told me I'd had a car accident. When I told him I didn't drive and to get off the phone he continued to tell me I (or a member of my family) had had a car accident. I got very abusive but he still would not listen and went on and on about m y accident. In the end I put the phone down. Ignorant scum


Called at ten to one in the morning Thought perhaps family member had been in an accident as called at such a strange time. Stopped ringing before i got to phone so left me very worried. Did not leave message


Jenny with a heavy accent called about my car accident that happened a few months ago- erm, I do not own a car- 8.09 in the evening- watching TV until I was so rudely disturbed. I told her I was on telephone preference service and she cut off rudely. How dare these people keep on pestering us? How can we get our own back? This is a scam- had I been involved in a car accident I might have thought it was genuine I suppose. This number should be blocked and time phone companies did something to prevent them ringing anyone. I blame phone companies for permitting them a line


called late in evening when getting ready for bed , said it was regarding my car accident , said thats funny i dont drive , then just hung up !!!! VERY RUDE AND ANNOYING.


Asian man called John phoned said I had recently been involved in an accident. Promptly hung-up after a few polite words. Obviously a SCAM.


Asian man called and actually told me I had a car crash ,I hung up.


Asian caller wanting to know if I'd had an accident quite persistent


Called but we did not answer phone. Had fake TALK TALK Scam callers and silent calls. Recent batch since reporting B/Band & Landline fault to TalkTalk. Article in Sun says TALK TALK customers bank accounts being targeted by fraud network that employs hundreds of people. Staff hired to scam customers of Talk Talk. BBC said they are working in India call centres. Their job is to phone customers posing as emploees of TALK TALK to con them into installing a computer virus on their PC. Report to Police if you gall for this scam


Asian call centre, have I had an accident recently.


definitely a call centre background noise overseas accent from caller took a few seconds for response when i answered


LOT of background noise as if call centre. i didnt speak and neither did they. they eventually hung up.


Didn't pick up the call as we had just sat down to eat dinner at 7.30 on a Friday night. Let the answerphone take it and glad did, having looked at others notes on this number.


Didn't say anything


Nuisance caller. silence then hangs up


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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2 missed calls, left no message, who is it?


getting called most days, never leave a message


Rang twice never answered but they never left a message


Don't know how they got my number as we are on TPI - was told they had got my data. When I tried to do a reverse phone number check the area code was not known (even by BT), neither was the phone number recognizable, so I'm not sure what's going on.


call goes to iminent uk then gets transfered to boilergrant ,sounds like it goes to India.


Said that I had received ebola. After several attempts it turned out to be a free boiler.


Received a call from this number and when answered nothing in the other side so hung up.


Man claiming to enquire about an accident he appeared to be fishing for information I hung up with giving any information to him he called back twice I screened both calls without answering.


I am marking this as "unknown" as I am unsure what else to refer to it as. They claim to be a business that are representing the UK funeral directors association (or similar name style). my callers (so 2 in 1 day) were very polite and were "selling" the virtue of pre paid funeral plans, which apparently is supposed to be better than simply paying when "it happens"...MY QUERY IS THIS: WHO IS SELLING THIS INFORMATION TO SUCH PEOPLE? I have had 9 different companies this week ...3 for funeral plans, 2 for accidents (I haven't had) 2 for PPI and 2 from my mobile provider....its only Wednesday....WHO is giving out my number? given this caller actually knew the area I live in too...that's NOT acceptable


A woman rang up from this number asking to speak to on of the staff who's off for maternity. When I try to ask if i can take a message atc, she hang up. Weird. I tried to phone the number to find out who was it and can't get connected to the number.


Called home phone multiple times, no response! Blocked now


This number actually left a message on my phone today! It said that John Cleese wanted to leave me a message! Indeed the voice that spoke did sound like him & I've also seen his image on the web promoting PPI claims. Whether or not he's doing this legitimately I don't know but it's of no interest to me. Called twice today so categorising as 'harassing' & blocking number.


Answered the call, followed by some arrogant rant about it being a business line, then he hung up on me!


Did not answer as it will be the usual torturous sales


Calling on landline and mobile but no answer. Nuisance call

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