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01634 256877
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Scam Call (TalkTalk). To stop these calls please visit [spam website has been removed] and register your details.


Daily scammer from Indian call centre, did not even speak in English to me, poor chap must have been tired of people telling him telling him a route for his router!


Undoubtedly a scam. They are dumb though - they continue to call me most days, claiming to be from TalkTalk - even though I tell them to "Please listen carefully " and then blow a mountain rescue whistle.


Received many of the same calls purporting to be from TalkTalk. Every message is the same: "I am calling from TalkTalk, how are you today" They are reading from a card. Easy answer is "I haven't got a computer. The router is for my television" They instantly put the phone down. You could try dialing 14258** and this will block calls from this number. Works with TalkTalk but may not with other Internet Service Providers.


7th November 16 they still at it. It was Robert from the technical department of Talktalk said I had a virus on my router, could I go to my computer and open it up. Told him exactly were to stick his router. Further contacted Talktalk and confirmed it was a scam call.01634256877 beware.You try ringing this number back and it comes up as' the number you dialled has not been recognised'.


Scam call supposedly from Talktalk Asian male sometime's female other time be polite and tell them to piss off!




Pretending to be Talktalk. Obvious scam/


Repeat calls referencing TalkTalk, made sexual threats.


Asian male pretended to be from talk talk and tried to get me to alter my router to gain access to my computer. when I threatened to call the police they laughed and said 'what do you think they will do'.I have now reported them on Actionfraud website as instructed by local police.


Asian male 'James' pretending to be from TalkTalk 'router department'. Hung up when I said I'm not a TalkTalk customer. Get them all the time. Didn't have my whistle to hand, that always makes them go hysterical, swear and hang up!


The caller never spoke and after a period of silence then said "goodbye" and hung up.The call seems automated and should not be trusted.


Rang, answered , but no one spoke. Now barred on house phone.


Caller rang followed by long silence.


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Called twice today and rang off. No message


Never answered but rang the number back just in case. It was a recorded message from utilita who ever they are !! going to block it as googled it and they are an energy company probably looking for business.


Don't know who this but when you answer they don't talk.


Equity Will Writers also using various numbers 01630416087 etc. It only shows as a missed call txt alert on my iphone. I have blocked around four of the numbers but they must have quite a collection. Contacted them today and asked to be removed from their list


Have been called by this number a few times. When I called back it gives me an automated message saying "You've been called today by Insurance Review, we will try to contact you again....blah blah blah" They are now blocked.


Called on a Sunday - hung up as soon as I answered


My mobile displayed it as a local area code I was familiar with and I had been expecting a call from this area. The caller with a heavy accent not typical of the area code then explained that the call was relating to my life insurance policy. As I don't have one I challenged him asking how he got my number as this was an unsolicited call. He immediately exclaimed that he did not understand why I was objecting to hold a conversation. I asked him to hold the line and left him waiting until he gave up. THIS ORGANISATION USED A METHOD TO DISGUISE THEIR TRUE NUMBER AS ONE FROM AN AREA I WOULD RECOGNISE. Had I not been expecting a call I would never have answered beware and be certain you recognise the number before answering.


3 calls in the last 3 days from home improvement . All from port talbot area. Fed up with them, they obviously don't check tips first.


Scam call - Phoned me 11.1.17 - claimed to be from BT Head Office and they had detected a problem with my internet


Call centre, saying I had a car a car accident bla bla bla


This is a cold calling centre wishing to discuss my life assurance policies!!! Answered as its from my local STD code and thought it might be someone I know....Treat with caution. I hung up and blocked the number


spam call! hangs up on answer


AAB Legal - accident call


Rang off didn't leave a message. Early Saturday. I don't know the number.


Call at7.30 am- rang off before I could answer! No message! Reading comments below Market Drayton numbers ppear to be suspicious. Will ignore in future.

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