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Absolute idiots and very abusive when you tell them to stop calling, called my partner a 'f*****g c**t'...pretending to be my energy suppliers and advising me to swap as they were putting up the prices, yeah, course you are Adam with the thick Asian accent, jog on...


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About a boiler calls many times a day do my place of business, tried to opt out but keeps calling, tried to get through but just get put on hold.


Automated call about gas/oil/electric boiler replacement. Blocked now!


This auto-caller is an absolute menace. Phone rings and rings AND RINGS until it forces my answerphone to activate, then leaves a message. Now, of course, the answerphone remains on and fills up with various other nonsense calls. These types of calls aren't just inconvenient, they are altering the fabric of life and should be stopped. They've been doing this daily for months now, despite my never once answering the phone myself.


I'm getting more and more calls about LPG boilers... different number each time but each one is 10 digits not 11


Calling me all day.......looks like a local call but sounds like their in Delhi about mis sold insurance claims.Black !!


Boiler scam. Getting 5/6 of these recorded messages a day. Always blacklist the number using BT Call Protect. I now have 30+ boiler scam numbers blacklisted but they seem to use hundreds of them. I don't even have central heating!


I went away for 10 days and returned to find 18 messages - all saying "PRESS 2 NOW". It was the end of a recorded message about urgent government information for people on benefits (I am not one) and how they can get a free new boiler. I keep getting these recorded calls at frequent intervals from different numbers and don't know how to stop them. I am on the preferential list and I am 73yrs old. I can do without the hassle.


I had a recorded message on my fax line, which I cannot answer, from this number. From the snatches I heard, something about 'the banks have been forced', I think it is for PPI claims but I'm not sure.


Another new number leaving a recorded message about a free boiler. The number is one digit short. I have had about 15 of these - all different numbers, all the same message and all one digit short. Very clever really. Nobody will ever find it on here!


Oops missed off the"0" in front of the 177..Anyway PPI.spam


Trying to get you to part with info totally automated


Boiler replacement scam. Let call run to end to incur cost to caller. Do not press any requested numbers


Currently phoning every 30 minutes


some automatic call system to find out if the mobile no is currently working... Annoying


A recorded female (English) voice constantly calling, and leaves half a recorded message, so unsure about what. If I want whatever it is, dial '2'. Got fed up and rang back by dialling 1471 then 3, but number not recognised ( 0nly 10 digits?). Apparently the Preston code. Have reported it as harassing.

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