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01792 720114
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pointer01792 area code - Swansea (Wales)
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I had a rant on 11/01/2017, I have today received my tax refund cheque. I don't know if it was a coincidence but I did contact the tax office on that day to complain about this company and they told me they would look into them.


We're here if you want to visit us. Uniform Tax Credits - Crown House Gorseinon Road Swansea. Make an appointment if you want to visit us to see for yourself.


Just look at all the green comments appearing on the same day - what a remarkable coincidence. ALSO REMARKABLE IS THAT NONE OF THEM MENTION THE NAME OF THE COMPANY, OPERATING ADDRESS AND VERIFIED WEBSITE. No one is being fooled by it you IDIOTS.


Got my cheque this morning as well. Maybe not a scam after all!


I've just got my cheque from these guys - feeling a bit guilty about ranting below now. Seems they did have system issues that have been sorted and I've been paid..


I work for the company and we are legitimate. Unfortunately towatds the end of last year there was a delay in processing some of the claims but thins has now been resolved in January. We are in the phone and you can speak to us if you have any queries.


Applied on 31/08/2016 after a lot of phone calls, up to now 25/01/2017 have not received any payment, calling the above number for the last month daily has no response THIS DEFENTLY A VERY BIG SCAMS and should be reported to the police and the fraud agency. Advice don't respond to this company ever << uniform tax credit >>


Promised check would arrive but still waiting if your a so called legit company wheres all our money.


Hi all They have stepped up their game and are now doing this by post using plain manilla envelopes and a royal mail pre printed franked envelope. They now have a form for you to sign any overpayment of tax refund to well not me or you but them. This is an extremely dangerous scam which having divulged your nat ins number how many other accounts like pensions could be at risk. What is perhaps more worrying is it appears to be an official communication where royal mail are implicated as a sponsor


Having read the comments above I think this number is related to an email I got regarding money I'm owed by HMRC. I forwarded the email to HMRC and they confirmed it was a phishing scam and not to make any contact with these types of company. Avoid!


its a scam company, they were sent a cheque in November from HMRC for my tax overpayment they have never sent it to me . they never answer the phone and don't respond to letters


All scam.they kept my cheque. And they never send it to me!!!!!


Continued from below Also they had no right to claim back my overpaid tax from previous jobs as that was my money . I claimed for uniform Only from my current job yet they have taken money from previous jobs as paid too much tax I did not give them permission to touch my tax only uniform ? I fee I have been ripped off and is a scam and hrmc have advised me to goto the police ? I have tried calling every day for the last 3 days but no on is answering the phone even though their webpage says it will answer within 3 rings ... If you work for this company please answer my questions or answer you phone lines ??


So is this real only I gave all my info to them to Claim back my uniform tax and they claimed back overpaid tax too. They was issued a cheque by hrmc on Dec 7th as I was told this by hrmc so should I not have recieved this yet ? I have been calling for the last few days and it sounds like an intentional dial tone but no on is answering ?


All you have to do is phone the tax office yourself.


We are a tax refund company and specialize in claiming back uniform tax. We are not a scam and claim back thousands for our customers each month. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to give us a call. If you have received calls from us and do not wish to please just inform the agent and we will remove you.


In response to the previous comment regarding your partner, Please ask them to give us a call between 9.15 and 3.45 so we can get to the bottom of this.


Has anybody recieved a payment from this firm? My partner has been waiting for a cheque for nearly two months.If she doesnt get it soon I will be visiting their offices which are at Crown house Gorsienon road Gorsienon Swansea Sa4 9dx myself


I rang them back and it was about uniform tax and letting me know I'll receive a letter about it :)


I have went with them I am owed a lot of money but they just keep telling me different things about how I have not got my money


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cardiff and from Unite Marketing / Admin Centre.


3 calls from this number on Tuesday 14/02/2017 - No message left, so no idea where originated.


Received 3 calls from this number yesterday and one so far today. No message is ever left.


Landline number. Seems to be a scam. Keeps calling, several times a day. Becoming a real nuisance.


Insurance company. Spam calls


Avoid answering. Not a friendly called.


Been called 4 times in 5 hours. No message left.


Phoned started saying I was using his WiFi at the end said you've been pranked by


Phone call from a "legal" firm about an accident. Rung continuously during working hours. Have asked them to remove me from their call list.


This number called me today but left no message. I treat all callers that do nto leave a message as suspicious.


Do not answer this call. They called me asking about a loan I had applied for and even knew the amount. They made it out they were part of a broker I had used to get the best deal. They then put me on hold and transferred to someone who wanted to set me up on a debt management plan. I am not struggling with any debts. They then said they would call back with the confirmation of my loan. Scammers!!! They are hoping someone will be struggling so will be lying to them and then trying to get them on a DMP!!


01792917026 rings me all the time can't even block it


This number disturb me


Pain in the neck called "Media Match", if you can believe it.


Just had a call from this number. I answered. Silence for a second then call was terminated. Its got the hallmarks of an auto-dialler but can't be sure

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