PHONE NUMBER: 01942316561

01942 316561
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They called me regarding PPI, I very politely told them I couldn't talk as I was at work, and the man on the line (name is Ash) was really rude to me!! He started arguing with me about why I had answered my phone if I couldn't talk. Super rude, number now blocked!


PPI company, quite insistent. ended up putting the phone down on them.


Sick of the amount of calls i am receiving from spam numbers at the minute. im sure my network provider have decided to sell customers details. told the guy on call not to ring again, highly doubt they'll listen though!!


I called back and he's talking about insurance and shit! Blocked them it's annoying and I'm tired!!!


I've had four calls from this number, lately I have been bombarded with numbers I don't know so I am not answering them.


thanks for all your comments about this number,had a call from them at 18-35 on the 18/01/2017,so didn't answer,have found no answer to their calls, makes them stop after a few calls...


English woman called my mobile asking stuff about loans and mortgage payments. She didn't know who I was and I didn't tell her. I asked how she would like it if I started asking her personal questions. I eventually got bored with it and hung up.


found number below ppi


company called helpyourclaim. PPI blocked!


Computer generated voice saying "Unable to connect call" when I answered


didn't answer, blocked the call now


I have been receiving harassing phone calls, I have explained to them that I don't want these people contacting me again or ill get my da on ye ya bellend


Called my mobile, English man on about PPI and Credit cards. I said I don't have anything and no claims going. He kept on, I said goodbye and hung up! Scam


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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is linkit recruitment in wigan


Car phone Warehouse????? Saying my contract was up for renewal...... Not ..... Never been with Carphone Warehouse. Sounded disgruntled when told and abruptly hung up.


auto enrollment services for company pension schemes


This number keeps ringing up to 4 times per day. On investigation I rang it back and a prerecorded message said that if I wanted to opt-out then to send an email to with the words opt-out in the subject line, I didn't as this would have confirmed I had an email address and they could bombard me with junk. I blocked it.


They put the phone down before I picked up - about 3 rings. (mobile phone). This is a local number to me and seeing as I have BT Anytime calls I rang back on my landline. I was put on hold and the music was quite civilised. But after 5 minutes of them not answering, I put the phone down. It says on this free 'look up who called' site that someone called Alexis phoned me from this number 6 months ago. I would appreciate if someone could tell me who it is.


Company who has bought your details and wants to sell you life insurance


Continuous phone calls daily they will not listen that I am not interested


Sent an empty text to my mobile


Want know who called me


just want too know who was calling me


4th call today. Every time I block a call they ring back from slightly different number. Say they're from BT. They aren't. This woman was really rude. When I said I'd had enough, kept saying, 'No need to shout.'


Debenhams Department Store, Wigan


This one called my mobile twice so I phoned back on my house phone with 141 in front,the man who answered said give me your mobile number so we won't phone you again,I did he then asked for my name and I wouldn't give it to him and he said in a cold voice we already know your name,very scary.


there ring but then hanging up I live in whitehaven where 01946 area code is but never had a reply from them


Age UK mobility about stair lifts applied for brochure and they phone every day

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