PHONE NUMBER: 01943968706

01943 968706
Type: Landlines (geographic)
pointer01943 area code - Guiseley (England)
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Hadn't heard from this git for some time. hoped he'd died, obviously not


Called today but when I answered they spoke but not clearly. When I said hello again they then ended the call. I had another call yesterday saying they were from talk talk also saying there was a problem with my router and unhappy downloaded a virus. I told that I use my TV for the Internet sinead unable to download which in fact I can & anyone with an ounce of sense would know this. I take these calls regularly & they are annoying but I working a contact centre myself & know the tricks of the trade so take great pride in the fact they are wasting their own time with the BS they say when they will get no where with me.


Called this am and told him to bugger off, an obvious scammer


Called me this morning claiming to be from Talk Talk and I had a virus on my computer, as I have not been with Talk Talk for some time let him waffle on and then told him in no uncertain terms to do one.


Called me at lunchtime saying his name was John and he was calling from TalkTalk. I said the person he wanted was not home but I was her sister. He gave me a wrong name and I asked him who was calling. He said Talk Talk, and I said No thank you and hung up. I am getting these sort of calls regularly now and am getting really cheesed off with them.


01943 968706 Scammer-do not engage in conversation with these a¬¬holes!


weird guy speaking chinese, i speak chinese back ,he hang up, xinxibao


Man possibly Asian called this morning. When asked who was calling he gave his name as David calling about my internet, I hung up immediately as there is no problem with my internet.


Rang a couple of times said about router. Hadcprevios problem with a call like this, advice people to ignore


Foreign guy from Talktalk re router problems, he became very agitated when I challenged him and told him I was ex directory and TPS he told me to shut up -hung up.


Male with foreign accent has rang several times, saying problems with router, can I switch on my computer. A sure way to enable them to access private information. Get caller id, let talk talk know. Someone in Talk Talk India call centre is selling our information. Talk Talk has alot to answer for.


Asian guy saying problem with my router. Strung him along for a while then told him he'd phoned a prison & his call was being recorded. He hung up very quickly. Can't think why!!!!!!!


Keeps calling around lunchtime each day. Does not leave any message on the ansaphone. Very annoying.


Called several times today, some Asian person. Don't speak to them.


01943968706 Having up to 6 calls per day/night. Called me a Motherf..... B, f word Use foreign language to abuse me. Silent calls. When I block the number they use a different one. I am disabled, and have doctors/hospitals call, I have no choice but to answer. What can be done as I am getting no sleep, very ill, distressed and frightened.


Called twice in quick succession today. Didn't bother answering as didn't recognise number, but thought I would check to see who called. I'm glad I did...


asked him to confirm my talk talk account number and which broad band was i using , he replied with callin me a fkin idiot


Had about five calls where they hung up, then when someone finally spoke he claimed to be calling from Talk Talk about a 'virus in my router', knew this was obviously made up but allowed him to continue to see what he was attempting. He tried talking me into the classic scam where they use eventvr to make you think you have errors and appear genuine ( , stuck the music on my baby monitor on after that and left him with that playing.


rang but left no message


After receiving another call from that number 01943968706 I hung up and later discovered that my telephone would not respond to 1471, and worse still incoming calls did not pick up. The telephone which is a BT appliance is less than two months old. Is this another of the scammers vexatious ploys I wonder?


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Car phone Warehouse????? Saying my contract was up for renewal...... Not ..... Never been with Carphone Warehouse. Sounded disgruntled when told and abruptly hung up.


auto enrollment services for company pension schemes


This number keeps ringing up to 4 times per day. On investigation I rang it back and a prerecorded message said that if I wanted to opt-out then to send an email to with the words opt-out in the subject line, I didn't as this would have confirmed I had an email address and they could bombard me with junk. I blocked it.


They put the phone down before I picked up - about 3 rings. (mobile phone). This is a local number to me and seeing as I have BT Anytime calls I rang back on my landline. I was put on hold and the music was quite civilised. But after 5 minutes of them not answering, I put the phone down. It says on this free 'look up who called' site that someone called Alexis phoned me from this number 6 months ago. I would appreciate if someone could tell me who it is.


Company who has bought your details and wants to sell you life insurance


Continuous phone calls daily they will not listen that I am not interested


Sent an empty text to my mobile


Want know who called me


just want too know who was calling me


4th call today. Every time I block a call they ring back from slightly different number. Say they're from BT. They aren't. This woman was really rude. When I said I'd had enough, kept saying, 'No need to shout.'


Debenhams Department Store, Wigan


This one called my mobile twice so I phoned back on my house phone with 141 in front,the man who answered said give me your mobile number so we won't phone you again,I did he then asked for my name and I wouldn't give it to him and he said in a cold voice we already know your name,very scary.


there ring but then hanging up I live in whitehaven where 01946 area code is but never had a reply from them


Age UK mobility about stair lifts applied for brochure and they phone every day


Be careful texting this number back the number is British but there writing in Chinese or Japanese to confuse people all they want is a text or call back so they can charge

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